Review: Counterpoint Solid 1A Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

This Set-up sounds suprisingly pretty good, It replaced a cheap 5 channel onkyo system. I bought most of this system through Audiogon, Which is buy the way the best sight on the internet for used and new audio equipment I have had it for about 8 months now, it is my first fairly high-end system I have owned. The weakest link in the system being the speakers which I will hopefully replace with either meadowlark kestral 2 or Tyler acoustics ref 7u ( any suggestion?). As of late I have been listening to mostly Jazz because this is where I beleive this system excels. A great live album to check out is Bela Fleck Live Art a great album and great recording. I also listen to some classic rock Frank Zappa, Doors etc.. The doors movie sound track sounds great on the last song L.A woman I almost thought the band was right in my living room.
This system particulary excels on the vocals and midrange. Lower bass is great upper bass is a little thin at times depending on the recording, which tends to make the mid-range a little on the thin side. The Amp definetly needs good wiring, before i bought decent wiring, I was not impressed with this amp at all, but after I added a double run of julian zu-cables wow what a huge difference. especially in the lower octaves. By the way the counter point 1A benefits hugely when you Bi-wire it with double runs of good wire. If I had all the money in the world this would definetly not be my Ideal system. I have expensive taste. I really like the krell stuff.

Associated gear
Meridian 541 pre/pro, Denon dvm 3700. Sony digital sattelite dish. Custom speakers with Vifa driver and seas tweeters, custom internal wiring and ported inside wharfedale cabinets. Julian Zu-cables speaker wire double run, set-up for bi-wire and Bi-amp. Dh-labs bl-1 silver sonics interconnects with silver rodium cardas rca's.

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