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December 2013 holiday edition

Cobalt blues / inexpensive power cord survey part IV

In conclusion of our inexpensive power cord survey i would like to introduce audiophiles to a now defunct cable company that went a little under the radar due to the short-lived longevity of the company. The cobalt cable company closed doors several years ago, however two of their cables have recently shown up on ebay from a seller known as "goldwing2".

One of such cables is the cobalt ultimate power cable. The ultimate comes in a very flexible sexy black cloth jacket. It is available in a six foot length in new condition for around $65 plus free shipping. According to the seller it retailed for almost $150 new. The strengths of this power cord include, good conveyance of density and texture, natural sound and a nice sense of presence with a somewhat liquid sound.

While listening to Cassandra Wilson, "blue light till dawn",
the title track from said album, i noticed very good vocal and rhythmic flow and a solid , stable and well localized drum bass. Vocals have very good emotional expression. The percussion is fairly clean with a good sense of "travelling", between the speakers. The highs sometimes have a "glassy" tube-like sound. Good imaging width is also apparent on this track.

Keeping within the blue theme, i listened to track number 10 ,"blue in green" on the Cassandra Wilson, "traveling miles" album. On this song i noticed the acoustic bass had very good presence and dynamics, with excellent bass energy. The sound was very powerful with very good micro and macro dynamics. I also noted excellent vocal neutrality and good sound stage stability with short depth.

Saving the best for last i dug up my Miles Davis copy of "kind of blue", that always seems to go missing. Track number 4, "all blues", was used as my reference. I heard very good tonal color here. There was a slight dryness in the upper middle frequency range, however good liquidity was noticed in other areas. The highs are thick, clean and smooth. Timing and coherence is very good. Only short depth was noticed for the trumpet and sax with the piano slightly deeper in the sound stage.


good conveyance of density and texture
very good sound stage width
clean highs
very good dynamics
flexible and attractive outer jacket
very good build quality
detailed highs
nice sense of presence
good liquidity
natural sound

The Cobalt ultimate power cord is a very good power cord that i feel is worth the money. It might be even considered an investment, because i am sure you could get your money back if you wanted to sell it. The good build quality and natural sound quality makes it a winner in my book! Recommended.

Associated gear
Arcam 8r integrated amp
sommer stereo interconnect
Gallo Acoustics speaker cable
Denon DVD-1920
Teac LS-H265
Paradigm speaker stands

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