Review: Clear Day Double Shotgun Speaker cable

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Just wanted to offer my positive view on Clear Day speaker cables and a recommendation for Paul Laudati.

I found Paul's cables to a great match for my system running between a Parasound Halo and PSB Stratus Goldis and center channel speaker, which are not overly analytic sounding. The Clear Day double shotguns bring out a lot more detail across the music spectrum than I had heard before. The most impressive thing to me is how well I can hear the different timbers of different instruments across the sound stage and with some depth. These are just more noticeable than my prior cables making it more enjoyable if you really want to listen.

I do also hear faster pace and musicality and found myself smiling more when I had the Clear Days in my rig vs my prior copper hose type cables. They are a very good improvement to my system and help to extend the life out of my speakers.

I listen to mostly jazz and my son listens to some form of pop/rock (Fallout Boy, Imagine Dragon) that young teens are into

Paul let me demo both the single shotguns and double shotguns as well as a single cable for my center channel. Amazing that Paul is so trusting and high class that he allows a significant $$ value in inventory to sit at my house for a month without even a deposit!

I found the single and double shotguns very close in sound to each other but ended up with a custom order of the doubles given the longer length I need.

Paul is a first class guy and makes these cables by hand - yes a hand made product that sounds fantastic, is of a simple and high quality build, and offers very good value. The cables are also very easy to deal with and position. Paul's customer service level is the highest you can get IMO. Feel free to send any questions my way

Associated gear
- PSB Stratus Goldi Speakers & Stratus Center speaker
-Parasound Halo A-31 Three channel amp
- Oppo BDP 105
- Anthem AVM-20
- Morrow MA3 & MA4 interconnect
Glad to read your comments about Paul and his cable. He's one of the good guys in audio. I too am using his double shotgun speaker cable.
These are pure silver true? Would you say as good as Siltech, Neotech, or Van Den Hul?
Dave_72, I have been using these cables for past many months and these continue to impress me. For some reason, more music seem to flow through them. Reach out to Paul and audition them in your system. You will only end up paying $8-$10 to return them back, if you do not like them. Paul does not even ask for credit card details when sending. He only asks your home address.
Not related to Paul in any way. Just a very satisfied customer. This is a great cable that folks should listen to, especially since the audition will take less than $10, and then decide if they want to spend more than what Paul is asking.
You may want to try making your own silver speaker wires. Very easy to make and beautiful SQ.
These cables are pure silver. I have not Siltech, Neotech or Van Den Hull.

As others have commented, Paul is easy to deal with and you can test his cables in your system for the low cost of postage.
I also would like to share my experience with Clear Day Cables
I am looking for a silver cables for my Diapason speakers to wake
them up.I run my Diapason with my VIVa tube amp, audio research
preamp LS1, Njoe Tjoeb 4000 this a Marantz CD player modified.
cables Tara lab master generation, IC MIT, siltech Paris.After reading
many post here at Agon, I felt it's time to call Paul,I was surprise
how nice He is, I told him about my gear,He did explained to me
How is cables works with my system, I knew right away I can deal with Him easily.No DEPOSIT, CABLE SHOTGUN WAS ON THE WAY.
Blew me away.How trusting He is.
I received the cable, looks really thin, simple looking.I connected them, 2 hours later I listen briefly, out of the box the sound is very promising,6days later I listened , I noticed my Diapason are more
alive and connecting to me musically, violins, cello, drum, voices,
guitar, sounded tonally right, transient is very good, palpabilty and 3D they have it, this cable are naturally revealing, no brightness on
my system.
Maybe after a week I gave update to Paul by phone, I also
have a very good idea, how his cables sound, I asked Paul to send
me the double shotgun for my second system, consist of Andra
speakers, Art Audio preamp, and art audio concierto amp connected to my musical fidelity 550, cd oppo 970DVD, turntable
Music hall, Cables MIT sp cable, Aq diamond, London siltech IC,
Paul send me his own double shotgun 6ft, after six days.I listened
the music Iam getting the musicality I have never heard from the
Andras,this speakers are very hard to match with cables,they like
copper, but I did not have the budget to buy the good one. I've tried
silvers, too bright and too thin sounding.
The double shotgun Paul send me did match the Andra set up.
It gave the system LIVE...presentation ,it became more musical,again instrument tonality is superb and right, Finally I can listen to this Andra for hours without fatigue,Soundstage of this cables are huge, 
For those who posted ahead of me,thank you for sharing it on
Agon, For the money I paid for the cables it's all worth it.Without
you guys, I would still be looking for the right cables for my system.
Paul is one of the best guys to deal within the industry.  Cables sent to your door for free trial? You gotta do it! The double shotguns did not match well with my Nola contenders,I did notice an immediate presence in the sound stage and details for the better, but the highs just were too fatiguing. I switched speakers to Odyssey Kismets and this absolutley woke these speakers up. Due to unforseen circumstances,(the Audio budget is now going to a new septic system), I could not purchase them at this time. However, the next set of cables will be clear days. You Have to give him a call, Hell, just to bullshit with him! Absolutley no pressure to buy and he wants to make sure that his cables are a match for your set up. Thank you, Paul!
I like that Double Shotguns play very well with Morrow IC's on my Omega 3XRS speakers .
Been using ClearDay double shoutguns in my system now for about 8 years now.Prior to that have tried many others but have not have any inclination to try other speaker cables since I've had the ClearDays. Highly recommended.