Review: Clear Day Cables Double Shotgun Speaker cable

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Hi Paul,
Please add this to your testimonial page:

As a former High-End Audio Dealer I had the opportunity to listen to a great deal of well known and obscure cables in many systems and applications.

With my current system I was looking for a suitable speaker cable without spending a bloody fortune and I auditioned many very well known brands.

I recently placed a 3K pair of speaker cables ( Silver Cables ) into my system on loan that sounded very good indeed, then I was lucky enough to audition a pair of Clear Day Cables from Paul before I purchased them.

Upon installation and settling in I could not believe the difference in sound, the Clear Day cables CRUSHED the 3K cable. I was hearing things in my system I had not heard before, amazing detail, balance, immediacy, and MUSIC they way it was meant be heard.

Paul is an expert in that he was the only cable manufacturer I could call that asked what system I had, speaker sensitivity, topologies etc, try this with others and see what happens.

Paul is not only an expert but he is one of the most professional people I have ever deal with in High-End Audio, you could not ask for a better person to deal with, and I have dealt with many over the years.

Before you go out and buy into the cable marketing hype so prevalent in this hobby today, I would strongly suggest that you call Paul and buy his cables, you will not be

My highest recommendation!!

Jim Onorato
I totally agree with Jim's assessment of Clear Day cables and of Paul at Clear Day. His cables trounced much more costly cables I had, including Morrow SP-6's, which in their own right are very good, but in my system, the Clear Day singles and shotguns are clearly better. More like live natural music. Better mids, highs, and bass, especially tonality, clarity, balance, and micro detail, with a huge soundstage. Paul is the nicest and most accomodating I've ever dealt with in this industry.