Review: Classe Audio CAP-100 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

I just bought this, and it betters my other separates, in many categories.
I like bass, with dynamic slam. I like transparency, and the u r there feeling.
2 dimensional sound can turn me off, but I might be too picky here. Looose bass aggrevates me.
I just got this 3 days ago. I replaced it with an Aragon amp. The sound changed in it's ability to convey the actual sounds, as in timbre, and a fog lifted from the sound.
The strength of the bass is there, only more focused, with a hair more depth, along with unbelievable weight. It is more transparent, and richer by a smidgeon. It's strengths are all of what I just mentioned, yet it doesn't blow away what I had, but it does best it in many areas. It's weaknesses would be that it doesn't reach as far as it could from front to back (depth).
If money was no object, I don't know what I would really do. I try to enjoy what I have, only I tend to get tired of things no matter how good they can be.

Associated gear
Klipsch speakers, Roksan Caspian cd

Similar products
Aragon, Levinson, and various lower end amps.
To do better in an integrated amp,you will spend more dollar wise. The Portal Panache seems to be all the rave right now and has received stellar reviews. Recently I acquired an Acurus DIA 100 integrated amp. However the preamp is totally passive. Has 100 per side into 8 ohms and 150 into 4 ohms and stable down to 1 ohm. DIA stand for Direct Input Amplifier. Meaning the upstream components are directly connected to the amplifier,such as CD,Tuner,Tape,etc.

I posted a review of this amp lately and this could be something to interest you. Sure has impressed me thus far.
The CAP-100 was a good little integrated that performed admirably well in the first few years of my upgrade frenzy. It was used to drive my B&W CDM1SE's mini-monitors and they sounded pretty good with a sound that's warm and airy. Well, time moved on and it was now sold to one of my buddy who cherished it a lot.