Review: Classe Audio CA-300 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

This piece replaces my old friend (Counterpoint SA 20) which was recently retubed. I am amazed at the difference in detail, the warmth is still there but the detail gets my attention. The bass extension is wonderfull. The highs are no longer rolled off and it's brighter but not too bright.
My Vandersteens are biwired with 2WQ sub being self powered,
300 watts into 8 ohms, or more like 600 into 4 ohms which is
more realistic with the Vandersteens. The sound stage is a little wider and instruments or people are more perfectly placed within this window. Voices are more real and three dimensional. The Bass is tighter, extreemly detailed and extended. The highs are the trade off here. I am used to rolled off highs and the difference is dramatic. I feel like there's more space around the voices or instruments. This also reveals the weekness in todays recorded records and cd's. I enjoy classical, jazz and some modern pop and rock, no complaints this amp delivers the goods. The Classe
CA 300 has been in my system for one week, I'm looking forward to the next 3 or 4 months before I come back and write another review and see whats changed in my opinion.

Associated gear
Audio Research LS25MII
Vandersteen 3A Signatures w/2WQ sub
Dynalab Magnum Etude Tuner
Nakamichi OMS 7II CD Player
Denon DP62L T/T
Audio Research PH3 Phono section
Transparent Music Wave balanced 2m
MIT 4 12ft biwire speaker cable
TMC White & Yellow 1m interconnects
TMC Gold 8ft Spkr Cable for the sub

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