Review: Classe Audio 70 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

This is a supplemental review to the original review posted sometime ago. However was not able to load pics at that time.So thats the reason for another update.

The last post to that thread from a member stated that there appears to be 2 different builds on the Classe 70 amp.One pictured here as well as another with blue caps and toshiba transistors.

I have no idea as to why there are 2 different builds on the same amp from Classe. If I had to make an educated guess it would be in the area costs. This could certainly result in different sonic signatures of the Classe 70. Perhaps Sat could load some pics of the Blue cap version as a comparison.

Once again I invite all parties interested in a good give and take. Member input greatly appreciated. After all it is our hobby here.

Associated gear
Denon 1560 CD Player & Acoustat Model 2 Speakers.

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Forte, Muse, Threshold, PS Audio, etc
I live in holland, but do you know where i could get such a nice black faceplate/facia for the Classe 70?
Mine is silver but doesnt look so good with the rest of my eq.
Any suggestions?
Manny thanks ,
Kenneth Hoen
The Netherlands
Contact Classe directly. they should be able to help.