Review: Chimera Labs Advantage Series ll Interconnect

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So I decide to once again try and finally answer the questions of what is the best cable – for my system at least. I’ve spent 20 years trying different cables spending thousands of dollars only to find flaws and move on. Must be the equipment. Buy new equipment. Still not satisfied, I decide to barrow the finest cables from the two high-end shops here in L.A. These cables ranged from $600 a pair to $2500. I also had some people send me the best of the home brew that have been blowing away very expensive cables.

Then I hear about some guy in Texas who hand braids his cables using a wire that’s supposed to blow away silver. I call him up and order a pair knowing they come with a MBG. I invite a number of people over from the music industry that include producers and engineers. This was a blind test. Each time I put a cable in (all were broken in) immediately people would start shouting comments and criticism. Then I put in the Chimera Advantage Series II. No one speaks. One by one they all announced these were the best. I then went through it again and sometimes said I switched when I didn’t. Always the same results. These $200+ cables destroyed all they other including the ones in my system. I immediately sold all my cables and bought these. Unbelievable. Even the engineer who’s recorded many live albums by Rock n’ Roll hall of fame acts bought them. As well as all my audiophile friends.

I've since rewired a CDP RCA jacks to board with this wire which Chimera also sells as chassis wire and the result was incredible. I've now done four friend's CDPs and all said it was better than thousands of dollars in tweaks. Everyone was stunned. Like opening a pipeline to the music.

The person who makes these is an artisan. Consequently you have to reach him through email. Here's their site:

In fairness long after buying his products I became friendly with the inventor. I don't know is this is a disclosure since all his customers end up feeling the same way just due to the person he is.

Quiet. Unbelievably black. I mean shocking.

Smooth. Excellent separation of instruments especially in complex and challenging passages.

Heard things I haven't heard before in the music. EVER. No smearing. Lots of separation and soundstaging. Phenomenal depth. Bass? At first I complained that they had NO BASS. Then the manufacturer says to let them break in longer. Know what? They had great bass all along. I was used to smeared, tubby bass. The engineer especially commented how the bass is amazingly accurate. “That’s what a kick drum really sounds like!” I had to re-align my ears to realize what bass is.

So accurate I may not upgrade my CDP because it sounds so good. CD after CD I couldn't believe it. Normally when everything opens up with a good interconnect there is an edge of brightness. Not with these wires. I kept waiting for it to happen and it never did. The other cables had my ears ringing after a short time.

Associated gear
Audio Note CDT-2, Audio Note Dac 1.2, ARC SP9 MKll, ARC CL-60 MKll, Martin Logan CLS panels, Scott 310E tuner

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