Review: Carver SDA-360 CD Player

Category: Digital

Musical tastes include mostly Jazz and classical, testing was done using John Williams "American Journey" and Moussorgky's Pictures at an Exhibition.

The most important aspects of these pieces include the clarity, reproduction of the many intricate and exposed "voices" within each of the musical pieces. Bass response and accuracy are also strongly considered. A quality D/A converter is also a very strong plus.

The worst thing that could happen with a CD player to turn me off is a poor reproduction of sound by creating a "muddy" sound. Additionally, a piece of equipment that is not mechanically sound, i.e. the transport tray is not designed or constructed well.

I have owned this CD player since 98. This is the first CD player that I have purchases and do not see a need to replace this one any time soon.

This CD player is solidly constructed with a quality transport and is a work horse. I have used it for many hours of musical enjoyment.

The weaknesses that I have found include the following:
the power switch - it is an analog switch. It would be nice to remotely turn the CD player on and off, but this is minor.

If money weren't an object, I might replace this unit. Like I said above, I am pretty happy with it and if I were to replace it, I would purchase something really obscene ($7k-ish in price) for a CD player.

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