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I have been the owner of Carver Ribbons (These are the Silvers) for more than 8 years. No other speaker I've heard can match them at anywhere near the pricepoint. Keep in mind that a 75 wpc reciever can power these with "not critical" results and you have one of the best starts to a budding system.
Like all ribbons the Carvers image with uncanny ability, but fail when you don't take the sweetspot. Placed wrong they can sound simply awful, boomy and strident. They require a lot of time to set up and tiny changes in toe-in and distances from walls GREATLY change their sound. I suspect a lot of people never truly got to hear what these ribbons can do in most showrooms.
I currently use them in a HT room using a Paradigm 2200 sub. The ribbons are rolled off at 80hz, with the sub providing enough musicality to satisfy. Paradigm center and rears aren't a close match, but the sound on DTS recordings is dynamic and exciting. Detail, as expected, is excellent. A heavy velvet curtain hanging behind the ribbons calms the highs. They also work better when placed on spiked platforms, which is something I tried with great success.
The carvers will work best away from Sidewalls (I don't have this!) and in a large room. I'm about to add a Rotel or Bryston amp.
Robert B

Associated gear
Outlaw Amp, Paradigm PW-2200 Sub, MIT Cables
I have a pair of Carver Platinum edition Amazing speakers that I am using with an outboard line level Clearview crossover and two Parasound 2200 stereo amps. I am interested in a least considering going HT with this setup so I am interested in your comments regarding this. Does having a TV between your speakers hurt your soundstage? Also tell me more about mounting the speakers on a spiked platform? Thanks, JMOB02
The Platinums perform very well in a home theater setup. If you need some support in the setup of spikes for you sytem let me know.

I have a pair of AL-IIIs and recently updated to a 5.1 HT system. As does "Robbob", I also have Paradigm center, sides and sub. These are not a great match to the Carvers but it doesn't seem to matter all that much. It all sounds good to me!

The one thing I can say is the Carvers are rather power-hungery. They sound much better now that I have increased my power amp to 300W/ch.
Regards, Mark.
How far away from the wall are the Platinum's recommended placement? (Normal painted sheetrock wall)
I have a pair of the Carver Amazing Platinum Mark IV speakers. I can say that since I purchased them new sometime in the mid to later 90's I have not had desire to replace them. As it has already been stated, these speakers can sound incredible when properly set up. I also purchased the Carver Silver 9t amps at the same time I purchased the speakers. Although I have heard mixed comments regarding the amps, they are working just fine in my opinion.

I am interested in any ideas or comments regarding upgrades (as I have heard that these speakers can played around with) or suggestions for amplification. I personally have never felt the need to supplement the bass with a subwoofer.

My greatest concern with these speakers has been the possibility of replacing the foam surrounds of the woofers. Their radius is so large that I don't know where I could send them for replacement when needed.