Review: Cardas Maggie Kit Speaker cable

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This is one of those jaw-dropping, cannot believe it experiences. Bass was huge and now is as punchy and dynamic as the best I've ever gotten out of any dynamic speaker I've owned. I was blowing fuses on the tweeter and the highs compressed before the fuses blow, and now I give out before the fuses and there is no compression whatsoever.

I learned a long time ago that cable makes a difference, but I had minimal expectations of this upgrade, and I was floored. I cannot imagine going back. Honestly, I'd give up my AZ Satori Shotgun cables before I'd give up this foot of wire.

Maggie owners, you MUST invest this measly amount. I think it's more important than Mye stands -- and I like my Myes a lot too.

I called Cardas and they directed me to Dedicated Audio and DA sells the kit for about 175, and they'll add some contact cleaner as a perk. It's a must do upgrade. You'll thank me, or Cardas, or your deity of choice -- the sound improvement is stunning. Not subtle at all.

The guy at Cardas (not Cardas himself) told me that the bass improvement was so dramatic that he had to reposition his Maggies. I assumed it was Cardas hyping their own products, and I was mostly interested in the tweeter wire in hopes that I would blow fewer fuses. I went for the whole enchilada, and I'm sure glad I did.

Pain in the rear to install -- took me about 40 minutes to undo those damn Maggie pins -- but knowing what I know now, I'd do it again if the price were 400 bucks and it took me all day.
Thanks for posting the info. They sounds like a great investment.

Question. I am confused about the statement about the maggie pins? I thought the wires/jumpers were terminated with the Cardas maggie pins for ease of connection. Did you previously replace the steel stock connectors and had to that what you mean?

I really wish someone also made economical and simple replacements for stock connectors for the speakers and the outboard cross-over. I like the fact that they are small/non-bulky, but hate the fact they are not copper or alloy like the Cardas banana pins.
It does seem like a waste to hook up great wires to the cruddy stock connectors.

Has anyone improvised a good alternative out there beside replacing with 5-ways? Wondering if you asked Cardas about this?
Dear Rathbone,
The Cardas Magneplaner connecting pin is of non-magnetic, eutectic Brass, Rhodium over Silver Plate. It will require soldering.
Thanks for responding Dan.

What I didn't understand was Rbirke's comment "took me about 40 minutes to undo those damn Maggie pins". The key word is "undo".

I jumper-ed to the conclusion he meant the Cardas Maggie pins on the jumpers in the kit for some reason (I read it literally). Rbirke probably meant frustration of untightening and re-tightening all of the Magnepan CONNECTORS with the jump-for-joy allen wrench they supply with the speakers. When I first read it I was wondering why in the hell he would UNDO the maggie pins on the jumper he just bad.

Anyhow, that still leaves the "crappy" stock Magnepan connectors. I am not up for the task of rebuilding the X-overs anytime soon, or investing in twelve sets of Cardas binding posts. Still looking to improvise by finding an off-the-shelf brass set -up to replace them economically.