Review: Cardas Golden Reference Interconnect

Category: Cables

Well, I personaly listen to a lot of classical music, folk music, and popular music. For testing I usually use a variety of music, but often times females such as Jewel and instrumental and male voices with Dave matthews. For me, I enjoy a nice detailed midrange and upper end, but not harsh by any means. A system with an excessively forward and 'busy' top end really drives me nuts.

This piece has been in my system for a bout 3 months. And though it definitely is lacking nothing, it doesn't scream anything either. It is an awesome cable. I went from Magnan Vi to this interconnect and heard improved clarity, more smoothness, and a little fuller bass. I really have no complaints about the cable, it is pretty neutral and full sounding. But next I moved up to the Magnan Silver Bronze, and they are pretty unique, with improved resolution and extreme neutrality. I would have to say, if you can afford it, give it a try. Matching a cable depends on the system, but for me, the Magnan Silver bronze was a pretty remarkable cable, however it did not have the bass of the Golden reference. Every system will act differently with every cable, but for me, the bass was sufficient and the detail was best with the Magnan Silver Bronze.

Associated gear
McCormack DNA 0.5 w/revision A
McCormack ALD 1 w/revision B
Arcam FMJ 23

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