Review: Canuck Kimber 4TC speaker jumpers

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June 2017 Issue

Canuck Kimber 4TC speaker jumpers

Are you an audiophile who owns speakers that have bi-amp connectors? If so, there is an inexpensive and easy way to upgrade the sound. Most bi-amp capable speakers come from the factory with cheap brass jumpers. Brass is not a good conductor of electricity, so it is in your best interest to change to pure copper jumpers and what would be better than Kimbers famous 4TC speaker cable. I stumbled onto these little beauties while perusing the ads in Canuck Audio Mart. For under $23 plus shipping from Canada you can own a finely crafted pair of speaker jumpers. 
Bananas or spades , it's your choice. In my case i chose spades because i own high end speaker cables that have banana terminations. I installed the Kimber jumpers on my Infinity speakers and let them burn-in for a couple weeks. 

I did notice slight improvements in some areas. For instance, while listening to "Dead Flowers", by the Rolling Stones i noticed a little better clarity and sharpness. The highs seemed a little more brilliant and bass was a little tighter.  The overall sound just seemed cleaner.

Switching to one of my favorite jazz cd's by Donald Byrd, titled "Slow Drag", the self-titled opening track seemed to have a little better musicality and a more muscular sound. There also seemed to be a little more treble energy coming out of the right speaker. 

The Canuck Kimber 4TC speaker jumpers are another inexpensive and effective tweak that should give you a little better sound. I highly recommend them to audiophiles who own bi-amp capable speakers. The build quality is excellent and the seller even put on high quality custom spades that fit my binding posts perfectly. 

Reference Equipment 

Onkyo integrated amp
Pioneer Elite DVD player
Energy speaker stands
Tributaries 5 stereo interconnect 
Belden speaker cable
Infinity bookshelf speakers
Kimber 4tc is a really good all around cable. I used it for years, and I still keep some around for occasional use. I have also used it for jumpers! It's more flexible than a lot of other cables.