Review: Bryston BP-5 Preamplifier

Category: Preamps

#1 Tastes are: Oldies, and blues.
#2 Most important aspects are: Bass quality, and vocal presence.
#3 What turns me off is: Poor bass, and too laid back imaging.
#4 How long in system: A couple of months.
#5 It replaced a Harman Kardon reciever.
#6 The sound changed with less coloration, better transparency, and not so much 2-D, or flat soundstage.
#7 It's strengths are the overall sound quality, and soundstaging.
#8 Weaknesses: Would be too picky, but maybe guitar strings may not jump out at me, like they have with my former pre.
#9 I would love to own an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A, if I had the money, but I do want to emphasize that I can live with this present setup.

Associated gear
Aragon amp, and klipsch speakers, with an Accuphase T 100 tuner, and Roksan Caspian cd player.

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