Review: Bryston B-60r Amplifier

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There are several professional reviews wriiten about Bryston's B-60 stereo integrated amplifier ... I recommend that you read all of them. These reviews are easily accessible on Bryston's web-site & on AudiogoN's BlueBook "search". All of these professional reviews yield excellent insight into the performance & sound of the B-60 as an integrated "stereo" amplifier; However, very little is wriiten about the B-60's Headphone capability.

In short... The synergy of the B-60/B-60R with a musical source, quality interconnects & Grado Headphones will most certainly reveal the B-60/B-60R as an "AWESOME" Headphone Amp!!!

I have never listened to "The Best Headphone Amp" ... Cary Audio Design's CAD-300-SEI; And, at a cost of $600/pr for it's WE-300B tubes plus two-odd-$K's for the CAD-300sei itself ... Well, I'm certain few of us are brave or just unpracticable enough to listen. We just may get hooked on all that!

Grado's very own RA-1 sounds very good driving the Grado RS-1's. But, the RA-1 has a small battery that is more of "pest" to maintane than what it's worth as a musical benefit. If the RA-1 is not being used as a portable it's (for me) too much of a hassell! RA-1 is not Good for my purpose.

What I desired most is to have a practical, economical Headphone-Rig that yields musical magic with extremely low maintance.

So... here's what I did: At first I had a B-60 (without remote), then I traded it for a B-60R. Go with the "R" (with remote); When you're sitting "on" your "sweet-spot" far away from the volume knob you must have that remote. Then, I added a little of that "Tube-Magic" with the Njoe Tjoeb 4000 (CD Player) with a matched pair of Amperex Buggle Boys (my only "Tweak"); And, also added the "crystal-clear-sounding" Coincident's CST-IC one-metered pair of interconnects (these IC's are a must!); Finally plug-In those reliable Grado Headphpones. (I prefer the darker sounding RS-1's to all other Grado Headphones).

If you can relate to "whut-im-tulking-bout" ... You'll be very satisfied with the synergy of this rig; Furthermore, I have received excellent customer support from Bryston, Grado and from the AudiogoN dealer named Quest-For-Sound (Coincident & Grado)!!!!

I do like that "BREATH-OF-LIFE" that Tubes seem to add. My taste appeals more to AR's "neutreul" sound than to CJ's "Lush" sound; But, I don't have the time to play around with high maintance tube gear. (The Njoe Tjoeb 4000 is a very low maintance "Tubed" CD Player). What I enjoy most is listening to Music!

What I don't like is the Audiophile-Trickery that gets some of us so much "into the gear" that we become disconnected from the simpl enjoyment of listening to music.

I strongly recommend that this rig remains powered-on 24/7 (except for extended weekends/vacations), that way it's warm & ready when you are.

Associated gear
CD Player Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 w/:
Aperex BB-6922/E88CC;
Coincident CST-IC 1M/pr -RCA's;
Grado RS-1 Headphones.

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