Review: Bryston 4B Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

This power amp is built like a TANK. 55 pounds of quality, 200 Watts Per Channel, power that will drive speakers with demanding loads without breaking a sweat! I can't believe the solid deep bass and the crystal clear highs.The midrange is smooth and silky without the grain like other amps at this price. This amp can be purchased used at bargain prices and will most likely have a warranty. Bryston has a 20 year warranty that transfers to the new owner.This one is a KEEPER. You can't go wrong with anything BRYSTON!!!!!

Associated gear
Bryston 11B preamp
Monitor Audio 8i's
Music Hall cd-25
Silver IC's and speaker cable

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Conrad Johnson
I just got a 4b also,Very good sound,only one thing,does yours make a pop about 7 secs after you turn off the power from the switch?other than that great power for my klipsch klf 20s.Sounds great connected to an SAE 2100L preamp.
Hi. Mine doesn't do that.
You might try contacting Bryston service by phone and describe this problem. I think they should be able to help with this problem.
Is it still under warranty? If so, they will fix it at no cost to you.
Hope this helps, Rick.