Review: BOW Technologies ZZ-1 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

the zz1 is incredible...i purchased the amp about 8 months based on a review i had read on its website. i found it used for about less than half of the list price and decided to try it( quite a risk for over 1500 bucks)-- my proacs(2.5) needed a little something different than my adcom gfa 555ii/mod squad combo. i will admit that i was hesitant about an integrated amp being after numerous separate setups but my wife's new amoir would not accommodate most separate setups...
from the moment i removed the amp from the box i was impressed by the amp...its design quality and build was quite impressive( a little too much gold for my taste but it still looked quite cool). connection and set up were a breeze--one less cable was quite nice.
i fired up the amp immediately into its standby mode...after a minute or two a began to listen(i could not wait for a longer warm up) and was amazed at what this amp could do. imaging and sound staging of my proacs was vastly improved over my previous set up...this amp rocked... across the board in all material(every thing from hedges to zepplin) i listened to there was a huge improvement over my last set up--why did i ever use separates?
now new it would be pretty pricey but on the used market it is a bargain.
oh and be cateful of the 'expand' button. it is not labeled but it does dramatically increase the output and you can definately damage your speakers and ears if you don't be careful.
i can't wait to try the zz8...mb

Associated gear
proac 2.5. marantz cables

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i was planning to buy one seeing your drive my merlin VSM.... how is the sound is it valve that 75 watts enough for your speakers

funny that: I own a ZZ1 and 8 and rate them as absolute keepers! And..
I own the MAster TSM which goes very well with it!! Well worth going down that road. enjoy.