Review: BIC Realta Venturi Speaker

Category: Speakers

I listen to every thing from punk rock (Ramones, Vandals)
to Jazz ( Pat Metheny, Spiro Gyra, Sade)I like realism in my sound. I like to have the vocals pop out at me like live. I hate shrill high end. I have owned the BIC Realtas since new in 1996. These replace Magnapan MG IIIs.I gained bass and volume but lost detail. The strength of these speakers is the floor shaking window rattling bass. The 2 10" woofers and the venturi bass system provide room shaking bass like at a live show. The vocals are pretty good too. On Sarah McLachlan's I Love You you can hear the deep breathes she takes as she sings it sounds like she is in the room. The biggest weakness is the cheap look of the cabinetry. Overall I would say that this speaker is a best buy. I have listened to and owned speakers that cost 3x as much and only kept them for a few months these I have had for 6yrs. I have recently purchased a pair of Montana DPS but guess what the BICs are still here along with them. The Montanas are great and sound better and more open than the BICs but still don't have the bass like the BICs. The BICs are going to be the rear speakers for my home theater.

Associated gear
Sony CDP X779ES, Acurus A250 amp, Conrad Johnson PV 4 preamp, kimber cable.

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Try contacting Dave Ellis regarding modifications to the BIC's. Dave has worked with these in the past and found them to respond very well to tweaking. I'm not saying that they'll replace your Montana's, but he can probably get them a lot closer to what you want out of them. Sean