Review: beresford tc-7520 DA converter

Category: Digital

I wasn't expecting much when i ordered the Beresford tc-7520 DAC. I ordered it mainly for my wadia I70 and i never thought that i will be using it as a dac for my Rega Apollo CDP. Now let me tell you that this little dac is unbelievable. Comparing it to the benchmark dac1 and the CIvac2 i can tell you that to my ear i can not hear any difference keep in mind that the Beresford cost $249 and i didn't perform any of the modification recommend it by other users on the forum. Do yourself a favor and try it before you lay $2000 on other dac. With the LM4562NA opamp modification this dac will beat all the sub$2k dacs. what you expect is a very wide and 3d soundstage, fantastic midrange with both male and female vocals plenty of deep bass and sparkling high frequencies...

Associated gear
Rega Apollo, Plinius 9200, pro-ject rm5se. Project phono box se, B&W 803D

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I too have owned the Benchmark (which I didn't particularly care for). In comparison however, the upgraded Beresford 7520 is a joke, it sounds WORSE than the Sonos ZP 90 that I was feeding it with, and frankly it might have been the worst DAC I have heard. Poor build quality and sonics that leave you limp...