Review : Belkin CL-3 16 AWG Hybrid Conductor Technology PCOCC Speaker Cable

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June 2018 Bonus Issue

Belkin CL-3 16 AWG Hybrid Conductor Technology PCOCC Speaker Cable

While shopping on Ebay i found a fifty foot roll of Belkin PCOCC speaker cable for under $20 with free shipping. I terminated a ten foot pair with the excellent Valab BN-S1 silver plated banana plugs and heard some of the purest sounds i have ever heard. The Belkin cable comes in an attractive silver/grey jacket and is very flexible. I used this cable in a system consisting of an Arcam Alpha 8P power amp, Nobsound passive preamp  and a classic pair of Goodmans Maxim 2 speakers. I have been listening to a funky cd by Stanton Moore, titled "With You In Mind". 

I have my system set up in a near-field configuration with the speakers pulled out from the wall by almost three feet and i was surprised to get as much bass as i did. Listening to track number six, the bass was really thumping, but it was the purity of the vocals that stole the show. There was simply nothing between the singer and listener that impeded the performance. 

My favorite track on the Stanton Moore cd is number five, titled "Night People". It has an infectious beat with a seedy and gritty 1970's vibe to it. On this song there was musicality in spades. Crisp percussion and highs really brought the song to life. 

Exotic speaker cable like the Belkin that uses PCOCC technology can be expensive. Not here. This is the least expensive cable that i have seen that uses this technology. A pure sounding bargain if ever there was one. Highly recommended when terminated with the Valab silver connectors. 
Always enjoy your reviews. This time, I went to ebay and bought the wire you recommended! I looked at the banana plugs, but it didn't say that they were solid copper, so I bought solid copper Nakamichi bananas. I will let you know how it goes after I receive them and get to try it all.
Thanks, John