Review: Bel Canto Design EVO 200.2 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

I listen mostly to rock and jazz with Boney James's "Ride" and Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Return of the Manticore" all four discs. With dynamics being what is most important for me along with the full audible range being clear and clean. The worst thing a system can do to a good recording is to take away the sound stage.

I have had the Bel Canto evo 200.2 for 1 year now replacing my medium fi yamaha rx-v990. The sound stage not only widened but each musical instrument separated inself from the others in a much more pleasant way.

The bel cantos mids are exceptional and the highs very nice. I will be investing in full range speakers soon to enjoy the extended bass response and can hear well what the ref 20's are capable of.

I do have the 200.2's biamped and soon a tube preamp and full range speakers in 12'X 16' room these amps are more then ample. I am very satisfied with these cool running high efficiency solid state amps and I will be hanging on to these as the basis of my system.


Associated gear
Adcom gfp-710 preamp, sony dvpns700p, paradigm reference 20's.