Review: Basic Power Cord 12 ga. Power cord

Category: Cables

Found this cord to be more then "just basic".It has a very high average performance level in just about every parameter: soundstaging,dynamics,detail(helped reduce the slight edge from my system without sucking the life out - which some others have done!)So much of this hobby is finding good synergy and for me and my system this cord has worked well enough for me to feel I was getting most of the performance of the better cords. (only the JPS and Omega Mikro "may" be better than it but they cost 9-10 times as much).To sum up: fantastic price to performance ratio.I'm keeping them -- and auditioning the Power Strip; which seems to be cut from the same winning cloth!!

Associated gear
VPI MK.iii/Well Tempered Arm/Benz Glider(Anolog front-end).TMC Yellow(interconnects). Phonomena (phono section)Audible Illusions 3A (linestage). Odyssey monoblocks(amps).Vandersteen 3A (speakers).Two Vandersteen 2W (Subs)Audioquest Sterling/Clear. Sony SC555es(SACD)

Similar products
JPS A/C,ESP Essence,Black Knight, Virtual Dynamics Audition, Custom Power Cord Model 11,Top Gun and Power Bloc,Lat International,Absolute Omega Mikro, and a few others.
Nice review! Do you know the websit address for Basic Power Cord?

If it is the one I am thinking of, as I also bought 4 of his power cords from him. Member name is : " Audiophile8" .

Good build and a nice guy to deal with as well.
I have no experience with the Basic Power, but will offer this up as the Mred does have positive things to say about the JPS Power above. For around $100, you can build a truly superb power cord using the JPS in-wall cable (list at around $20 U.S. but probably available at a slight discount if you shop) and Marinco connectors (I used their 320 IEC and the 8215 clear hospital grade male).

If you look at the JPS website, the descriptions of the JPS Power AC cable and in-wall cable are remarkably similar; I would guess that they are in fact the same cable with perhaps two exceptions-the in-wall is a 10 guage cable and the Power AC is 8 guage and a little dressed up cosmetically.

In any event, the in wall makes a tremendous power cord (the dealer I purchased the raw cable from told me there is very little difference between the in-wall and the Power+ comparing the two). I think it would rank right up there with most, if not all of the sub $500 cords for substantially less and it will be the only power cord I buy/build from here on out.