Review: Balanced Audio VK6200 Multichamp

Category: Amplifiers

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I bought this behemoth a month ago to replace an Outlaw 750, which was just not up to the task of driving the CLSII's. My system does double duty as a 2 channel music system and a 5 channel HT system (with a Fujitsu PDP4242 plasma screen).
The addition of the BAT amp to my system resulted in a radical change for the better. The CLSII's blossomed; I've had then since 1989 and have used several amps, including a Krell KSA-50, but none came even close to the BAT VK6200. Period. The only weakness the amp has is it's weight: 180lbs!
Highly recommended amp from a great company.

Associated gear
Martin Logan CLSIIa main, ML Cinema center and ML Script surrounds; Integra Res. RDV-1, Krell Showcase. Synergistic Res. cables
Well I'm glad that you're happy with your VK6200 but it would be nice if you expanded a little on your thoughts. I too have one and found that it's absolutely quiet, very dynamic, voices have a "texture" to them (not so with my Classe CAV-75), and there's "no SS harshness" at all (I use Thiel CS6es in the front). A further plus is that it runs stone cold - even at high volume levels - put it in a confined space (mine's in an entertainment armoire) and don't worry about it. For two channel it is equally impressive - I preferred it to the Plinius SA250 MKIV, Bryston 4BST, and Classe CA201. Very highly recommended.