Review: Bakoon 9730 DA converter

Category: Digital

As an audio- and music journalist I have been searching for the holy grail of lifelike sound for decades. Now I think I'm nearer to my goal than ever before. Listening mostly to acoustic music, jazz and small scale classics I have been accustomed with full ranges and triode tube amps. Shindo, Air Tight, Sun Audio, Yamamoto; PHY-HP, Voxativ, Feastrex, ...
But sometimes I put my tubes and full ranges on vacation and let the rock'n roll fill my room. Nick Cave, Patti Smith, late J.J. Cale, Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson, Marc Ribot, Tom Waits... For louder music I use my secret weapon of nostalgia: Altec 604E in a big corner type enclosures. And the most powerful amp of mine: 2 x 15W Bakoon 7511Mk3. Of course the Bakoon amp has same qualities as my tube amps in quieter musical landscape too. As a matter of fact it has teached me a lesson: semiconductors done right sound at least as good as the tubes.
Since knowing and respecting Bakoon gear I had no problem to substitute my Human Audio Muto DAC with the new Bakoon 9730. OK, the change cost me $XXXX, but it was worth it. Muto is a great DAC in it's price class, but Bakoon is from another planet. Not so "nice" as Muto, but much more lifelike, dynamic and rhythmically prompt. Can't imagine a better one, but of course I have said so many times before:)

Associated gear
Bakoon 7511Mk3, Isem Ego Phase4, Altec 604E

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