Review: B & K Components ST-202 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

I mostly listen to rock and jazz,with the emphasis on
rock.I love the detail's from low to high.And this amp
delivers the goods.It is not too bright sounding,very
neutral highs and mids,and the bass is outstanding.It
has a much better bottom end than the adcom 545.And
it sounds much better than my B&K ST 2140 which I bought
new.It has a very smooth relaxed sound,very much like
the Linn LK100.It does the music justice for the most part.
It made my klipsch KG 2's sound a ton better.They are
very finiky speakers,but the ST 202 brings out the best
in them.And with my Altec's the sound is amazing.Really
too powerful for that type of speaker.
The build quality is excellant,premium parts are used
inside and out.And it operates flawlessly.
My only complaint would be the placement of the speaker
posts.The posts are right under a fuse and it is very
hard to get a thick speaker wire into the hole in the
screw plug.But that's about it.I would seriously consider
buying this amp over a new Adcom or B&K,it sounds much
better.And with 150 wpc it can drive just about any speaker.
I would give this amp a 8 out of 10 any day!

Associated gear
Audio Research SP6b pre-amplifier.
Altec Lansing VOT speakers.
Klipsch KG2 speakers.
Sony DVD\CD player.

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I have this amp and it is truely one of the finest basic amps you'll find in the last 25yrs. I have been looking into Home Audio.

Here are a few details:
This is the original model B&K ST-202 which was modified at .They no longer do Mods for it,but many people wish they did.Totaly different sounding amp than the stock version.

Some Spec's of my system at Present:
B&K ST-202 Modified
Input Sens.-------1.4
Input Impedence---24.3K ohms
Power Rating------150 8ohms
"""""""""""""""" ------200 4ohms
DC Offset@Output--<2mV
Servo Loop Bandwith--0Hz.-.7Hz.
Damping Factor----180
Class A\AB

---Mods Done---
DC Servo Loop Added
OP Amps reworked for more linear operation
All Caps Replaced(Eliminated Cap in Feedback Loop)Rel-Caps\Rifa\Rima\Siememens
BIAS'd to Class A Operation
Star Grounding
Changed Wires to Kimber
Transformer Replaced with a High Current Toroidal

The sound is more Open,less veiled,Instraments became more seperated and it has a cleaner tighter Bass then the Stock unit.Increase in Width & Depth of Soundtage.Highly Transparent!

Have used successfully to drive PSB's,Magnepans & NEAR speaker's.
Poorman's Krell I like to refer to it as!