REVIEW: Ayon 07s cd player

I started with a Cal Icon II player many years ago. After a few years I got a Musical Fidelity 308 player which I used for some years but wasnt happy using it next to a Well Tempered record player then REALLY unhappy with a Nottingham with a Dynavector 17D3 cartridge next to it. Got a Lavry Engineering DA10 dac which improved things but I knew it could be better. Enter the Ayon 07s, This is a new world! I had no idea that a cd player could possibly sound this good even compared to the Nott with a motor controller. All the music is there especially the lowest level detail which makes the music live. Great player!!
Thanks! for sharing Jdurrett.
I've always liked the whole top-loader CD thing. There's something organic about putting the CD on the platter and putting the puck on and all. Sort of like putting on a record. The process is part of the enjoyment, IMO. Enjoy your new player and don't lose the puck :)