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Budget esoterica review magazine
May 2012

This will be the second in a series of reviews of inexpensive but good speaker cable that we are reviewing.
Many audiophiles have heard of a speaker company called axiom . Axiom sells speakers and accessories on their online website, and they also sell very good quality speaker cable.

The axiom bulk speaker cable sells for 98 cents a foot and the nice thing is they don't charge for shipping and there is no minimum order policy. It comes in an attractive black jacket and has a very high strand count of 99.9999 percent oxygen free wire. The website states that the speaker cable has .00341 ohms resistance per foot of wire.

I terminated a 10 foot pair of the bulk axiom speaker cable with dayton bfa banana connectors on the amp side and monoprice banana connectors on the speaker side. I used the cables with a new digital amp that i have been auditioning from a company called fiio. I would like to give you a few notes from my listening sessions, so you can better understand the merits of this fine cable.

The first disc i listened to was the excellent jimmy smith cd titled, "rockin' the boat". Track number six was the one i picked for a reference. I heard full sounding instruments with good tone and good upper frequency detail. The highs were solid and thick . The organ had very good deep tonal color and sounded slightly rounded. If you listen closely you can hear the skin texture of the tambourine. The cymbals and tambourine have a slight metallic sound.

If you are a jazz fan who likes trombone music you might want to check out jay jay johnson's title "the eminent , volume two. I listened to track three , "old devil moon", and i noted clean and smooth cymbals. The conga sounded tight. The trombone has pretty good tone, and there is good interplay between instruments. The trombone has an ease and fluidity that is quite enjoyable. During the drum solo you can hear a man grunting in the background.

I have really been enjoying the cd by herbie hancock titled , "river, the joni letters". The cd has some really beautiful, heart wrenching songs. The last track on the cd that is sung by leonard cohen is one of them. This song has an ultra pure mid range with very good accuracy. There is almost a three dimensional feel to the vocals. The piano is rich, vibrant and shiny with good weight and slight to moderate depth.


good upper frequency detail
good presence
very smooth
improved clarity
crispy and crunchy highs
good focus
pretty good tone

The axiom bulk speaker cable is a pretty good cable that offers good tone and clarity with a nice organic sound. I also like it because it is easy to work with due to the durable high quality stranding. Stay tuned for the next exciting issue of budget esoterica review magazine, and happy listening.

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