Review: Auricle Audio Encore Ka ICs

Joe's done it again, only better! I was very very satisfied with his previous generation of Encore IC. Now he's raised the bar for me.

The older Encore was a delight. It delivered lots of detail, great soundstage and imaging, and best of all it cured a lot of digititis. Piano lost that glassy sound, and I didn't think anything less than an outboard high quality DAC could do that. It replaced a quality silver IC in my SS system, because this little copper baby with the low low metal mass RCAs was that much better and smoother.

The new Encore Ka delivers even more detail across the spectrum, yet it does so without the brightness often associated with increased HF detail. Bass is better than the older version, with more power and verve and clarity. Strings have real pluck. There's so much more subtlety that's delivered here. Mids are great too; it's terrific on vocals, both male and female. Most of all it's got a sweet and musical sound without any sacrifices I can find. And it did this right out of the box without break-in.

This cable even looks better and its construction is more robust. It's stiff, but not thick.

The Encores are made of silver/copper alloy wire and berylium/copper RCAs; there's nothing either esoteric nor shabby in the materials. Joe solders them into his RCAs without all the extra heavy metal mass you usually find, and at least some of the excellent sonics are probably due to this factor.

Listening to Karrin Allison's "Ballads" all the instrumental detail came through more clearly. Subtleties of even lower volume passages were quite evident. Karrin's vocals were nuanced and sweet. Sax, percussion, bass - you name your instrument and this cable delivered with proper timbre and emotion. Branford Marsalis' "Eternal" was even more of a wow experience. Hot Club of San Francisco, "Intimacy of the Bass", "Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster", Madeline Peyroux's "Dreamland" - whatever I threw at it, it delivered.

My only regret is that Joe now has an even higher IC in his Encore line coming out. Guess I'll be lined up to try that one next!

Seriously, for $170 (reduced $30) you can't do better than this. Why spend 3-10 times the price until you've tried these Encores?
Another wonderful product to accompany his analog interconnects is the newer Encore Signature Digital interconnect which did improve (or burn-in) over the first hours of use in one of my systems where the analog interconnects had already been installed for some weeks.
The auction prices for Auricle Audio offerings have consistently been running in the "please steal me" winning bid range.
Anyone wondering about whether, or how much better, his or her system can sound by upgrading wiring needs to overlook the audiophile view that you really must spend more to get more.
There is always a matter of personal taste, and the possibility that such sonically transparent interconnects will unveil both the glory and the inadequacy of every other element along the signal path to your ears.
To my ears, what a pleasant surprise these modestly priced interconnects truly compete with the high priced spread. Just one example: hearing what these do with recordings of the human voice and simple piano accompaniment can be revelatory.
I wasn't going to say anything until I had bought all I needed for my own system, for I knew that the prices would soon begin to go up, but now that the secret is out, these are wonderful interconnects. I have had great results on my home theatre system. Even a modest system with these hooked up from audio out on the T.V. to aux input makes for a great T.V. sound. You are correct about the reproduction of vocals and piano. Piano especially is very difficult to reproduce, even through some of the most expensive interconnects.
Wow! Thanks for the glowing reviews, guys!

Your repeat business and your kind words *really* let me know that we're on the right track with our product line.

It's nothing magical. I just design my cables around a simple low-mass theory, and I avoid trendy gadgets which will only detract from the signal.

As for buying them before the prices go up, don't worry; I still won't charge NEAR what my competitors do. Auricle Audio Design will always strive to provide great value, as well as true-to-life signal transfer.

--Joe M.
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