Review: Aural Ersatz SW-120 SUBWOOFER Speaker

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I guess you can tell by my associated equipment that I'm a big TAD fan (Tube Audio Design). And one could make the argument " How can we take him seriously, he's obviously biased" but if you take a look around the Audigon forums, and read reviews of some of TAD’s other products, and hear the testimonies of those who have spend thousands more for far less performance, you should start to kind of see a trend. You will consistently see positive attributes such as, great guy, great product, great price; this is what Tube Audio Design is all about. True affordable high end with out compromise. So when I spoke to Paul Grzybek of TAD a little over two week's ago, he informed me that he had a brand new subwoofer, and that he was selling it at an intro price. Well, needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to get one.

Now the Aural Ersatz SW-120 is a 12 inch 150 WATT front firing, bottom port sub, which replaced a seven year old Paradigm PS-1000, decent Sub, but I haven't met an Audiophile yet that at some point didn't ask that age old question. What does better sound like in my system? Of course in this case im talking about my Sub. Well, the Aural Ersatz soon helped me answer that question.

Right off the bat no comparison! Quieter presentation. This allows you to hear deeper into the music. Nuances were brought to life in the music that was previously not there. The unique curved shape of the curved enclosure not only looks beautiful, it also helps eliminate cabinet diffraction noise, and standing waves inside the cabinet.

Deeper Bass and punch. Bass notes now have more decay drums now have more attack, which makes the overall presentation have more authority, sounding more robust, with more weight on the very bottom.

More articulation, making the music sound more authentic, The Front firing design makes the Bass sound quick, and taut; excellent for any type of music especially for you Jazz lovers.

I no longer get the boxy, tubby, sound that I was getting out of my last sub with certain male vocalist. I now have a true Audiophile sub, which I believe competes with other more expensive, popular brands that I have heard in my system, but was affordable enough to slide right under the wife radar.

So if you are looking for a good quality Audiophile sub that can deliver the goods and won’t break the bank, I believe that the Aural Ersatz SW-120 is great buy. Get it at its intro price and walk away with a steal!

Associated gear
Sony DVP-S7700 ( Used as transport)

Musical Design DAC 1A20 ( Signature mods)

TAD 150 Vacume tube preamplifier

Custom built 5 WATT SET amp, designed and built by Paul Grzybek of Tube Audio Design

All interconnects and speaker cables are Tube Audio Design FRO-ZEN Cryogenically treated cables.

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You don't mention it, but I assume your speakers are Aural Ersatz as well. Probably the 803 2-way I'm guessing.
Duhh! How did I ever forget my speakers.

I use Klipsch Quartets. I have had them for nine years and they are completly modded out.
I really wonder how this sub compares to the likes or Velodyne, Sunfire and HSU? Hmmm, interesting