Review: Audire Parlando Amplifier

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I have owned the Audire Parlando for about a year. My musical tastes run from classic rock, to modern jazz. As my system has improved I have found I like jazz more and more. With two 1KV transformers, 208,000uf of capacitance, and 32 output devices the Parlando is a very powerful amplifier.

I have heard the amp on a number of quality speakers. The Audire has made every speaker sound its best. I ran the Parlando full range on my VMPS RM40s for a while but did find the 40s demand so much power that I have now gone to a biamp setup with the QSC 3500 powering the bass, and the Parlando on the ribbon mids and tweets. This has allowed the amp to shine. With high frequency extension completely grain, and glare free its excellent on the top end of the 40s. The Audire has a very smooth tubelike presentation that few SS amps can match. There is not a harsh bone in its body.

This amp has few shortcomings. Perhaps its size, its big at 85lbs, and the fact it can get pretty hot being run in class A. I have heard the Parlando A/B with 6k Kora Kosmos tube monos on my RM40s and preferred its presentation to that of the Kora`s. All in all a very musical amp and one I would highly reccomend to anyone looking to get the most from your speakers.

Associated gear
Sonic Frontiers Line 1
Yamaha TX-950 tuner
VMPS RM40 speakers
H/K 8580 HDCD cdp
Vampire Wire
QSC 3500 bass amp

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Dear Tunz:

Just read your review (first time to see reviews at audiogon) and I was curious: I own the Forte model--
Audire's second to the bottom-of-the-line. I liked
the *idea* of the design: monoblocks in one chassis.
I haven't even used it, yet; still at home while I'm
teaching English overseas.

Just wondering if the above design is theoretically
better and necessarily better than conventional designs.
Secondly, I've always lusted for a McIntosh equipment.
Should I splurge and go for an upgrade at some point.
Would I hear a difference and an improvement? Now, I
have an Audible Illusions pre-amp from 3 years ago.
Speakers, unbought yet.

Thanks for whatever you can comment on.


Laurence (Alter)
After reading your review. I have interest to try the audire power amp. Can you tell which pre-amp is better to match with his amp? Besides what is the selling price of it in second hand market. thx
Hello Larry, and KOW....The duel mono set up used on most Audire amps is I feel better than using a single transformer. Each dog has his own dish to drink from. Larry if the speakers you decide on dont need more power than the Forte can supply then I would say stay with the Audire. KOW on the pre amp situation I can only comment on using the amp with the Sonic Frontiers Line 1. You might want to consider a pre with balanced outputs because the Parlando likes the added gain. Hope this helps.....Tunz
I own a special-order version of the Parlando spec'd and made for German Physiks, and which I bought through German Physiks to use with a pair of their PQS speakers. It appears to be essentially the same amp as the Audire-label version, but with some premium parts (e.g., carbon fiber faceplate, WBT connectors, etc.).
I have used other highly regarded high-end amps with these speakers (e.g., Classe Omega and CAM 200s), and have found nothing that works as well overall. The sound is most transparent and musical, neither a sold-state nor a tube sound, effortless and with "see-through" immediacy across the spectrum for all types of music I have heard with it -- acoustic and electronic jazz, European classical, rock and electronica.
This sound and build quality of this amp is equal or superior to any other high-end amp I have used, including Audio Research, Jadis, Air Tight, and Classe Omega.
I was astonished (and somewhat bewildered) to see the retail price of the Parlando is so low -- I paid much more for mine. It is truly a world-beater at the U.S. retail price -- and also at the higher price I paid.