Review: Audioquest Slate Speaker cable

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Musical tastes include mostly Jazz and classical and my wife listends to a lot of classic rock, testing was done using John Williams "American Journey" and Moussorgky's Pictures at an Exhibition.

The most important aspects of these musical pieces include the clarity, reproduction of the many intricate and exposed "voices" within each of the pieces. Bass response and accuracy are also strongly considered.

The worst thing that could happen is a "muddy" sound or harsh mids and highs.

I replaced a set of AQ 6+ cables in favor of these cables so that I could bi-wire my speakers. I have been happy with the performace to date, bought the Slate cables used and already broken in so they were an immediate improvement when added.

The strengths include the price and capability for being an upgrade to an entry level cable. While this cable is essentially two of the 6+ cables packaged differently, I bought a set that was already professionally terminated with banana clips which also made a difference.

If you are bi-wiring speakers for the first time this is a good cable to start with. Naturally, better cables exist, but if you don't think that your equipment or ears warrant spending more money, these cables will do the job.

If money weren't an object, I would replaces the cables for better ones ... because I can. But for now, they work fine and I don't see upgrading them in the near future.

Associated gear
Rotel RSX-1065
M&K V-75 MK II
Carver SD/A-360 CD player
Sony DVP-C660 DVD player
Monster power HTS 7000

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I use a pair of Slate in my work office system. Works very well for what I paid.