Review Audioquest Hurricane (part 2)

AudioFacts frequently tests new products. Because for us this remains one of the most beautiful parts of our beloved profession. Our drive for perfection keeps us sharp because we're always looking for new products for our customers. During all our testing over the past nearly 20 years we rarely discover a product which surpasses all our expectations.

Thanks to Tru-Fi we can understand all the properties and talents of Audioquest cables optimally so we can use them all. It makes the impact of a power cable so much greater. The way we use a powercable, it becomes just as important as a component.

The Hurricane immediately shows that it lives up to its name. From the first moment on you realize that you are listening to something really special. This cable overwhelms you with its utmost precision and speed. The music you know well directly sounds 2 levels higher from the beginning.

Constantly there is that surprise during listening and the big smile on your face.

In timing and speed the Hurricane made a huge step compared to the Audioquest NRG-1000 and also other more expensive power cables. Each attack is so much faster (and shorter). All your music is being played with significantly more grip and AUTHORITY. We never encountered this degree in ease and additional control (due to a powercable) in this price range before.

You can even observe more diversity (layering) in sound. Diversity in sound is the most determining factor that influences the human emotion. Voices turn out to have more layers than we thought. Instruments gain a more natural and realistic sound. And voices become silky and more fluid than ever before.

The degree of 3-dimensionality of the sound image becomes larger. Since 2009 AudioFacts creates and sells only a 3-dimensional sound stage. Because humans also experience and perceive sound in a 3D spectrum. Thanks to the increase in resolution the stage becomes deeper and wider. Making voices and instruments more apparent and free from each other. So you can even walk through the recording during listening.

Voices and instruments are even more compact and therefore more intimate. The physical tangibility of both voices as instruments are even more authentic. In reality both voices as instruments are played very directly and displayed in small proportion.

Thanks to a lower noise floor the Hurricane creates an even better black level. This is the space between the voices and instruments of a recording. When the sound becomes more tangible and more voices and instruments get a stature (shape), we speak of a higher black level.

What also impressed us with the Hurricane is the huge increase in resolution (details) which can now be perceived. The space in which the recording is made is now very easily observable. Also the articulation of voices becomes more clearly audible. Even the decay around voices and instruments becomes clearly observable.

Regarding to the frequency range you immediately hear that the response of both the Monitor Audio Pl-500 as the Platinum subwoofer goes even deeper than before. You feel the increase in power and energy of the low frequencies. When the low frequency range of an audio system increases, often the degree of emotion becomes larger. In addition you can even hear an increase of information and layers in the middle and high frequencies.

Thanks to our research and developedment of Statement Audio Pro-measurement, differences in height of voices and instruments become more clear to observe. This allows you to better perceive the harmony of voices and instruments together. It makes the music more emotional and intense. The Hurricane creates an even higher degree in diversity of the height of voices and instruments.

It is more than clear that Audioquest have made a big step with the Hurricane power cable. At the price of 1599 euro (for 1 meter) we have never auditioned a power cable of this unique and high quality.

The impact and influence of the Hurricane in an audio system is rather big and decisive. And it makes clear more than ever that power cables should be an essential component in any audio system. The price of 1599 euro (for 1 meter) is more than justified by the large step in quality gained.

from my limited experience, every component or cable tend to be harsh at start, gets smoother with time. depending on your equipment performance/transparency, you might like or hate that initial harshness. I have noticed this the most with my Firebird zero speaker cable, also with other cables/components when new.
in my humble opinion, AQ cables don't really have a sound signature of their own, they don't "color" the sound. so if you feel the sound is too soft and bass heavy after full break in, its possible this could be your equipment actual sound. I could be wrong, but I had a custom made amp which was warm and soft. I kept trying sub-consciously to enhance the details in my sound by introducing high rez silver cables, a high end DAC, a good transport. but that veil is not really gone. reached all the way to a speaker cable upgrade. after the firebid zero speaker cable fully broke in, I realized that amp should go. bought a diablo 300 integrated, and the cables passed the signal honestly as it did with the previous amp. the difference was; no more dullness of any sort, just the heavenly detailed, extended highs, sensational mids, extremely controlled and deep bass; i.e, the excellent sound of gryphon diablo 300.
AQ cables (the high-ish end ones) just simply allow you to hear your equipment to its maximum potential, without any alteration to signal or favoring any frequency over the other, while keeping noise incredibly low. wither it was a power cord, speaker cable, IC, or a digital cable. I could be wrong again with such statement, but I'm really happy with my full loom AQ here. just waiting my new Firebird PCs (1 High current, 2 source) to replace 3 thunders i currently have. I can only wonder what they would do, cause I have heard hurricane and I loved what it does vs the thunders. I truly shouldn't have left better PCs till the end, esp. with many knowledgeable people claiming the change the sound the most, but that mistake is soon to be rectified ))
hope I've been of help!
Thanks for your review. How is the Audioquest hurricane with sibilance?

@riie they simply pass through what’s in the rest of the chain, ie they won’t mask it but nor will they emphasise it. Sibilance is natural and present in many recordings and the hurricane series from AQ do a great job of preserving the natural sound of the original acoustic, sans editorial
I have 2 Aq tornado power cords and 2 Aq hurricane power cords. I have 1 hurricane 20 amp as the main from a Aq nrg Edison  outlet to a Aq Niagara 5000. Then a hurricane running a MF dac. A tornado running a MF A5 cd player. Then a tornado running a MF amp. And for speakers I'm using a pair of Nola KO'S. The Aq power cords replaced Cabledyne premier 10 gauge power cords. I'm more than satisfied. The combination of the Aq power cords have given my system a much more open airy bold natural sound. A friend described it as air to burn