Review Audioquest Hurricane (part 2)

AudioFacts frequently tests new products. Because for us this remains one of the most beautiful parts of our beloved profession. Our drive for perfection keeps us sharp because we're always looking for new products for our customers. During all our testing over the past nearly 20 years we rarely discover a product which surpasses all our expectations.

Thanks to Tru-Fi we can understand all the properties and talents of Audioquest cables optimally so we can use them all. It makes the impact of a power cable so much greater. The way we use a powercable, it becomes just as important as a component.

The Hurricane immediately shows that it lives up to its name. From the first moment on you realize that you are listening to something really special. This cable overwhelms you with its utmost precision and speed. The music you know well directly sounds 2 levels higher from the beginning.

Constantly there is that surprise during listening and the big smile on your face.

In timing and speed the Hurricane made a huge step compared to the Audioquest NRG-1000 and also other more expensive power cables. Each attack is so much faster (and shorter). All your music is being played with significantly more grip and AUTHORITY. We never encountered this degree in ease and additional control (due to a powercable) in this price range before.

You can even observe more diversity (layering) in sound. Diversity in sound is the most determining factor that influences the human emotion. Voices turn out to have more layers than we thought. Instruments gain a more natural and realistic sound. And voices become silky and more fluid than ever before.

The degree of 3-dimensionality of the sound image becomes larger. Since 2009 AudioFacts creates and sells only a 3-dimensional sound stage. Because humans also experience and perceive sound in a 3D spectrum. Thanks to the increase in resolution the stage becomes deeper and wider. Making voices and instruments more apparent and free from each other. So you can even walk through the recording during listening.

Voices and instruments are even more compact and therefore more intimate. The physical tangibility of both voices as instruments are even more authentic. In reality both voices as instruments are played very directly and displayed in small proportion.

Thanks to a lower noise floor the Hurricane creates an even better black level. This is the space between the voices and instruments of a recording. When the sound becomes more tangible and more voices and instruments get a stature (shape), we speak of a higher black level.

What also impressed us with the Hurricane is the huge increase in resolution (details) which can now be perceived. The space in which the recording is made is now very easily observable. Also the articulation of voices becomes more clearly audible. Even the decay around voices and instruments becomes clearly observable.

Regarding to the frequency range you immediately hear that the response of both the Monitor Audio Pl-500 as the Platinum subwoofer goes even deeper than before. You feel the increase in power and energy of the low frequencies. When the low frequency range of an audio system increases, often the degree of emotion becomes larger. In addition you can even hear an increase of information and layers in the middle and high frequencies.

Thanks to our research and developedment of Statement Audio Pro-measurement, differences in height of voices and instruments become more clear to observe. This allows you to better perceive the harmony of voices and instruments together. It makes the music more emotional and intense. The Hurricane creates an even higher degree in diversity of the height of voices and instruments.

It is more than clear that Audioquest have made a big step with the Hurricane power cable. At the price of 1599 euro (for 1 meter) we have never auditioned a power cable of this unique and high quality.

The impact and influence of the Hurricane in an audio system is rather big and decisive. And it makes clear more than ever that power cables should be an essential component in any audio system. The price of 1599 euro (for 1 meter) is more than justified by the large step in quality gained.

I heard you had some high winds there in the Netherlands recently.  Perhaps that's why the Hurricane worked so well.
I live in the nothern part of the Netherlands, and here was almost no wind at all. These cables are impressive. And work as a Hurricane in your system.

I also bought a Dragon High Current for my subwoofer and this creates new levels and details in sound. I will  explain this later.

I've commented in the Part I discussion of this regarding my own positive experience with the AQ Dragon Hi Current which mirror Bo's with the Hurricane

There is one point of Bo's that I think merits expansion however, especially as it departs from the normal "hi-fi" discussion of the impact of a system change

You can even observe more diversity (layering) in sound. Diversity in sound is the most determining factor that influences the human emotion. Voices turn out to have more layers than we thought. Instruments gain a more natural and realistic sound. And voices become silky and more fluid than ever before

The comment above is what I had in mind. Firstly to clarify what I believe is Bo's intent the use of the word "layering" is not in its traditional hi-fi sense of soundstage but instead refers to the many layers of interpretation in a given artists's performance. To give a couple of examples -- bass guitar or double bass is often perceived as a single tone and we remark on it's immediacy or profound depth -- but most skilled bass players put all manner of subtle detail into their playing, modulating the dynamics to tiny degrees, adding a hint of vibrato and so on. Likewise with vocalists what you hear is all sorts of subtle inflections, slight shifts in tone and emphasis -- all of which adds immeasurably to the experience and frankly makes you care much less about traditional measures of hi-fi performance.

I believe the AQ cables contribute to this by not only providing a wider channel to get power to the system but more by lowering the noise floor -- the same sorts of impact are to be found by changes such as grounding systems that lower system noise floor -- or by removing interfering acoustic reflections that are muddying the direct recorded sound.

So I strongly recommend you explore these cables in concert with other system tuning efforts aimed at reducing system noise and uncovering all the hidden layers that your recordings contain
How could voices have more layers than we thought? I mean, we hear people’s voices everyday, no? 
Bo has to write instead of Mike Fremmer that's for sure. He'll make more money.

I still use 3 Purist Audio Limited Edition powercables. And no they will not be replaced by Audioquest powercables. Based on the fact that they own properties Audioquest cannot create.

As you all know I work by properties. This is the only way to understand why the sound and stage of your system is what you hear. The LE makes the stage even bigger and wider than any AQ powercable can create.

But.....there is even more. Jim is also exceptional good in creating powercables. The middle frequencies are also done differently compared to Audioquest. This part I would never want to loose in my system.

Thinking and working by properties is the real art of sound. And mannn this is for me so F. addictive. I listen to real music and after this I look for properties to come as close as possible.

Almost 20 years now I am testing and doing research in both sound&vision. I love them both. We also made huge progress in vision in the last 2 year. And we work the same way. Always by properties, based on the fact that there is no other way to guide and create both sound&vision.

Trial and error needs to get out of the world in sound&vision. It limits millions of people all over the world in quality and guiding both sound&vision. 

I spoke with different people about the CES. They told me that it is dead. And audio was  95% smaller than in the past. How clear you want it to understand that trial and error will not bring anything.

I give an example; we created stealth low freqency. It outperforms any other way of letting a subwoofer integrate with the loudspeakers.

I use my Platinum subwoofer till 140hz. I orderd a Dragon high current to test. But.....within 1 minute I knew I would keep it.

I could hear many new parts of recordings I know well. When you switch with the remote between on and off of the subwoofer you have no idea how big the differences are. These are things you need to hear. That is why we need to give presentations all over the world so everyone can hear it.

i know pal you hear things i don't and i envy you. i can't even imagine that wire can do such wundabar thingies.
Our latest Statement Audio Pro-measurement gives us access to much more details and layers than any other pre amp can create.

This makes these cables in effectness so much bigger. You need to be able to reveal as much details and layers as possible.

But....most audio products are incomplete in properties on facts. The people who own these products have no idea what they miss and which properties these products own.

When people own products who are incomplete (over 99% of all audio products are incomplete) these cables will loose a lot of the quality they could create.

I did read the reactions of all the people about the AQ powercables. I see a lot of pain and irritation. And I understand them all. These reactions made me call Audioquest to do something to make a change in the world of audio.

In the last months I got several messages of people who wants advice about their audio systems. There is only one way to help them and that is to visit them. And give demoes in the US as well. We need some time to think how we can work this out.

I want to give another example.

In August we visited a new client for the first time. He bought an Oled and a poweramp and pre amp from us. And a networkplayer and many different cables.

We wanted to have an idea about his old stuff so we first started to listen to his system as it was. We were surprised how small the influence was of the different AQ cables we sold.

But when we replaced the amp,pre amp and source we sold we came into a different world. And the cables had a huge influence on the whole system.

That is why Tru-Fi is over 300% more effective than any trial and error way to create an audio system. You need all the properties of sound to get the best out of the Audioquest cables.

He owned products of brands you all know. They had great (paid) reviews and that was why he bought it. But mannn they where all based on facts 2-dimensional. And there was almost no diversity in sound. And even the individual focus of voices and instruments was very limited.

This proofs how easy it is to get a wrong idea about the real quality of a product. I have met many people who have the same kind of limitations.

This week we visited a new client. He visited first a client of mine who lives near his city. He also visited me at home. So I could explain him what all the different parts are of sound.

We also listened first to his system. The stage was 2-dimensional and all voices and instruments where standing on the same line. The thing what was the biggest problem was the acoustic. Most of his own music he could not play in this house. It was the worst acoustic in over 8 years I visited ( all the time you had a big humm in the low freq). He owned a dac and streamer of about 4500 euro. There was almost no diversity and the focus was very poor.

We put his speakers with professional lasers on the same line and hight. And we used digital levelers to place the speaker the right way.

Before this we listend to some music. After this we showed him how big the differences where when everything was leveled.

After the S.A.P-measurement we started to listen to all the extreme songs with the most acoustic problems. Each individual song you could listen without any kind of acoustic limitation. The resolution was superior. And the layers of voices and instruments where divers as they should be.

Now we listend to a deep and wide stage. And voices and instruments where all fysical apparent and free from eachother.

We gave him the freedom to be able to play each single song he wants to listen.

It is one of my personal goals to bring many people to a 3-dimensional stage, with all the layers and without acoustic limitations. And this is possible now even for prices many people can afford.

got my 1st Hurricane power cord in about 3 weeks ago.. placed it between the wall and power strip.. what I noticed was the bass got more detailed.. not a huge difference but better.. and that's about it.. ordering my 2nd Hurricane this weekend and plan on placing it between the strip and amp..
We work by Tru-Fi. Sound contains 8 different properties. You want an audio system to be able to reveal all the information of a recording.

I have done thousands of tests in audio in almost 20 years of time. I learned myself to extract each single part of an audio system by properties.

I wanted to understand and guide each single audio system why the stage and souund is what I hear. When you train your brains thousands of times the same way you can create a photographic momory in sound. This is how I work.

Trial and error systems are over 99% incomplete on facts. So they miss essential parts of sound. We use properties of amps, pre amps, sources, cables, conditioners to make each single system complete.

When you do audio by trial and error, you do audio by the level of a child. Based on the fact that you have no idea what the F. you are doing. So you cannot control and guide your own system.

This is an extreme limited way of creating audio. It will always be Russian Roulette untill you die. I can promiss you one thing; It is almost impossible to create an audio system what owns all the different properties of sound. You can spend even a million on audio, but the money will not help you at all.

Trial and error is doing audio without any kind of foundation. This is the main reason why most systems at shows, shops, distributers, manufacturers are so limited. They are in over 99% incomplete.

You only can guide and create audio when you can read and understand the properties. There is no other way to understand it and control it. All other ways of doing audio are all based on gambling.

Tru-Fi is over 300% more effective than any silly trial and error way of doing audio. That is why you need to understand that trial and error is so F. limited.

When I read oem-wheels his reaction I can read that the way he is doing audio (trial and error) will not give him full access to all the properties and talents of these cables. It is that simple.

But when you use loudspeakers, sources, amps, pre amps and even conditioners who own all the different properties of sound these cables will give him so much more quality. It will create a much bigger difference.

Based on tha fact that you alsways listen to all the different properties of all parts in your system togheter. The biggest problem in audio is that most products and even brands als incomplete. What is missing will never be there to be revealed.

Because you work by trial and error you have no F. idea which properties each single part has. Then it is never possible to understand what you are doing when you change a part in your system.

@oem-wheels it’s a peculiar paradox of audio that actually one of the least sensitive places for a power cord is actually between your power conditioner and the wall. While all of your devices are drawing power from here assuming your conditioner has some genuine conditioning function (and is not simply a power strip) most of us find that changing the cord from the conditioner to a component has much greater impact. So yes it will make a difference, but maybe not the highest point of impact

I’d encourage you to try your Hurricanes in a variety of different locations and see where you get the most improvement

When you test conditioners like we do on properties you will find out that most are not able to reveal all the properties of sound.

When we test new conditioners often we loose different parts of sound. So this proofs that these conditioners are not able to reveal all the parts of sound.

This even means that when you would connect amps, pre amp, sources, cables and loudspeakers who are able to reveal all the different parts the conditioner will F. up totally the endresult and will make it incomplete. Because this is how audio works by properties.

You only can work by products who are complete are almost complete to create an audio system what is able to reveal all the details and layers of a recording.
      Thanks folkfreak... It was suggested to me to put the power cord before the strip so that maybe all components could benefit. My strip isn't a conditioner, just a passive device with some em/rf shielding (Verastarr). Also thats where I think the cord would break in the quickest ?...  Once I get the new cord, I'll move the cord thats in the wall back to where the amp is and put the new cord in the wall. I assume thats when I'll hear the biggest impact on sound. We'll see. 
Thank you for the review Bo. I hope to see more on the new AQ power cables by others here. 👍

Thanks! for sharing- bo1972

can you list the equipment/audio gear that was used in the testing?

Happy Listening!

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The most people who have audio as a hobby are in a circle from which they cannot get out. They change a part for another to hope to get the sound they are looking for.

But....the facts proof that trial and error does not make clear to them which properties they took out and which they brought in. They all do audio gambling. And this will never make clear what you are doing. 

I want to make people understand that this is the main reason why audio is so ineffective. You only have access to a low level out of each single part in your audio system.

The most people who have audio as a hobby are in a circle from which they cannot get out. They change a part for another to hope to get the sound they are looking for ...
This is a stereotype and, as with many stereotypes, there's a shred of truth to it. But to state that "most people who have audio as a hobby" are subject to this is dubious, at best. There's a whole thread here about audiophiles with long-term equipment ownership and - of those audiophiles I know - most are pretty happy with their systems. We are not "audio gambling."


The holistic approach is the only one that will render 3D results, squeezing every last drop of sound from each of the components.

Holistic audio is thus akin to holistic medicine.

I think I agree with cleeds here. I am sure there are some neurotics 'upgrading' continuously, but there are also many like me who keep much of their gear for years or even decades. Numbers would be hard to come by, but my hunch would be that the most vocal upgraders may also well be the minority. But who knows?
When I aks the same question to each single person and no one can answer it, it proofs that audio is done by gambling all over the world.

When I aks even to people who work in audio can you tell me what the foundation is how you work in audio?

They often start to hesitate and have no idea what to say. They all admit that they work by trial and error and are listening to the endresult.

When I confront them they often start to laugh and say you are right that we are gambling.

I made the decision at the 3th of july 1998 to learn and understand why an audio system sounds like it sounds and builds the stage like it is being formed.

It looks like they all were sleeping and never had any idea that they all do audio without any kind of foundation. How it is possible that so many human beings all over the world are so stuppid? 

I am affraid that their insight is too limited to be aware that all these years they did audio by pure gambling. For me it is often very difficult to listen to trial and error systems. Because I can count often 10 till over 20 faults in these systems. I always start to look to their eyes and faces.

Then I am aware that they have no idea that they make so many faults. When this would be the level for me to do audio, I would directly look for another job. I would not want to be an inferior born loser to work in audio. 

I think I agree with cleeds here. I am sure there are some neurotics ’upgrading’ continuously, but there are also many like me who keep much of their gear for years or even decades. Numbers would be hard to come by, but my hunch would be that the most vocal upgraders may also well be the minority. But who knows?

>>>>>I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that those audiophiles who found their own little Audio Nirvana back in the 80s and who missed almost the entire audio revolution are in the minority. It’s a little bit like coming face to face with Rip Van Winkle. 😛
bo1972, got to ask.. if you know it all, how come you don't put your knowledge together and build some great cables of your own and then market it.. you make a lot of money, right ? You said you been doing this research since 1998 and 20 years later, nothing ? I assume you have the knowledge to build cables ? since you bash everyone else' product they put out to market.. Then you can move up to putting out components..  
We will share some ideas with manufacturers this year. But......I do the things I love most.

I love the art of sound&vision. This means I create sound&vision on properties. This is where I am at good at and I would never want to focus on just one part in audio.

Both sound&vision is all about emotion. We want people to feel all the emotion of the music or a movie. We don’t sell products by trial and error. No we create sound&vision by properties.

This is a totally different world than the inferior limited trail and error world. For a perfectionist there is no room for error and no room for inferior products. It is not acceptable!

A perfectionist hates inferior products, based on the fact that they limit other people in the endresult what they own. It is difficult to understand for ’normal’ people to have an idea how extreme perfectionists think and work. It goes so much further into details that you can imagine.

This is what I created and people have to pay when they want to use it. I will not give anything away for free. I put so much effort and time to be able to see this far into details in both sound&vision.

I don’t blame people that they cannot understand it. But.....I want to protect people who spend a lot of money on sound&vision. Because I think they deserve the best for their hard earn money they spend on audio.

I think we do so much more for our clients than any other company does. We are there for them 24 hours a day. I go through a line of fire for all my clients. We take great care for all our clients. Even for things what has nothing to do with audio.

I want the audioworld to work harder for their clients with more respect and dedication. I have seen to many people in almost 20 years who where screwed by other audio companies. I know exactley where I am talking about.

We work a lot togheter with people who have their own speciality in just one part. I love people who are superior in a special part. I communicate a lot with these people.

At the end you are not alone in this world. And togheter you are so much stronger. A perfectionist wants to control things to the max. A ’normal’ person will never have the drive and insight to go this far. Not even 1%.

It needs to become better over and over and over again. The great thing about Tru-Fi is that is gives me so much insight in both sound and vision. I can improve it all the time because I create new information all the time. I am addicted in creating sound&vision and bring it to an even higher level.

It does not cost energy at all, this is not my work or hobby. It goes so much further than that. It has become a part of who I am as a perspon. It is like my second nature. The speed I see patterns makes me create a higher level all the time.

This energy is unlimited!
I got the impression that you're a perfectionist so I figured you'd be so tired of having to deal with inferior products that you'd create/design your own equipment.. make some money doing it.. teaching everyone how to do it.. To me thats what a perfectionist does..
The thing what effects me the most is that I met too many people who spend a lot of money on audio who played at a very low level. I see and understand their frustration. I feel like I am just one of them.

I want to be there for these people to help them and to protect them. And that is why I hate those inferior products so much. They do not add anything in this world. They even have not the right to be there in my world. They limit people on facts, there is not even a discussion possible.

I did so many tests that I know for 100% that these products cannot make any person happy only those people who sell them. I wrote so many times that people need to learn to look further

But also in this parts the facts proof that most people are not able to look that much further. I had to learn to look a lot more further to find better options and to understand sound in general. I had to do this all by myself.

I am blessed that I can use the insight and knowledge of different specialists. They understand that I would do anything for them, so they do anything for me. And this is where live is all about.

It is not possible for me to work for a company or boss anymore. I need my freedom and time to test and do research. Different people and I think we can create a new and much better audio world. And yes this is important for me.

My goal in life is creating a foundation for those people who have nothing. For me this is the highest thing I can achieve in life. I want to use the money I make in sound&vision for this foundation.

That is why I am so dedicated to reach my goal. I wrote it many times that I said; it is not about me. Because this is how people react based on their narrow perspective.

Music is the thing I love most in life. Because I want to feel the emotion of the music. I had to read a lot about the human emotion and how it works. That is why diversity in sound is the main property of sound. This part will always influence the human emotion for the biggest part.

When you can think and work in properties you even can focus on just one property. This is how I work. It is almost 2 years ago that I found out that diversity is the most important part to experience the emotion of music.

I did many tests only on this part. I am not a technician. But I know the properties of many parts. And what they will do in a poweramp, pre amp, source etc. I have people who build in these parts as I wanted them to be used.

We modified many things in the last few years. I love to create products who have no competition at all. A perfectionist only wants to win. The endresult always need to be superior to the best there is. This is always my focus. 2nd best is not an option, this will always be for born losers in my world. And no one can change that.

For me it is very easy to create a level in both sound&vision what is superior to any other level created by another person for the same money. But.....the difficult part is to make it accepted.

The people with who I work togheter understand that the way I work that there is no competition. And ofcourse they are interested. I do not want to help them so they can outperform their competitors. I do not want to be responsible for that.

I understand that I cannot help everyone. But.....we all understand that when I share my knowledge and insight with a company it becomes very easy to outperform their competitors.

I have to think about this how I can mange this. This is so much more difficult than creating the best sound&vision. Because this is easy for me as 1 and 1 is 2. On the other hand I will not give anything for free. That is also no option.

It is like I can give a key what will open many doors which are now closed for all the trail and error thinking people. It cannot be learned by anyone. Only understood. The insight is in my head. It is like a enigma machine what can find many solotions for things which are now all done wrong. I can garantee you that there are many.
so hi end is about upgrading or tru-fi? i smoke too much weed and sometimes get lost.
Well I did leave vinyl behing ages ago.

>>>>Understand. You prefer the clean synthetic sound more than the full natural sound. That makes sense given your solid state proclivity.

We brought digital sound to a much more analogue sound than ever before. When you work by Tru-Fi you can adapt each single property of sound.

I made great progress in diversity in sound. I have a client who had a turntable with pre amp and cartridge worth of over 8000 dollar.

He compared his digital source with modifications different times with his (now sold) recordplayer.

His words; my digital source owns an even more analogue sound than my recordplayer can give. Based on the fact that he can reveal much more layers even in the middle freq. range than with his recordplayer.

Tru-Fi is so effective in each single part of an audio system. The problem in digital audio is that  over 99% of all the products are incomplete. It doesn’t matter which combination you make it will not bring you where you want to be.

I first use brands who own all the different properties. But the magic begins when I start with changing parts inside. Diversity is the key to succes.
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Bo, you keep repeating the same tedius vague ideas at nauseam... It really gets boring eventually.


Thank you BO... I have trusted my ears for the last 50 years, and so far, they have served me well. I have not taken a nasty audio-stumble yet. SO, I intend to continue with the same empirical methodology for the next, ahem... 50 *Grins!*


Wow , what a read ! This was almost a good a part one ,,LOL ,...Well hopefully the best of the best in the recording industry are able some day to catch up with Bo1972 ,...
This leaves the door wide open for a sequel, Hurricane Part 3. Much like Sharknado. 🦈 🦈 🦈 Only this time he’s going to talk about all the stuff he promised, you know, like all the technical innovations and details and how controlling directionality, a big selling point, or at least a big marketing point, influences the sound.
every story must have at least 3 parts. 
part 1. Introduction
part 2. Developing
Part 3. Conclusion.

Let's call Part 2 Tru-Fi shall we?
I just ordered two Hurricane power cords. One will go from the amp to the power conditioner. The other from the power conditioner to the wall.
I received one of two Hurricane cords that I ordered. I should have the second one on Monday and the Tornado I ordered by Friday. My system isn't connected at the moment, so I won’t have any feedback for a couple weeks.
Replacing my power cords with Audioquest Hurricane power cords is one of the best upgrades I've done. It's the icing on the cake for my system.
@ricred1 I would love to hear your thoughts of the Hurricane either here or in a separate and complete review of your own. Thanks...👍