Review Audioquest Hurricane (part 1)

We started frequent testing of power cables at the beginnig of this century, since 2002 to be precise. AC-power is actually the foundation of any audio system. It feeds and provides every sound system with the necessary energy. Fifteen years ago we were already surprised how much impact different power cables could have on the end result of any system.

In nearly 20 years AudioFacts carried out thousands of tests especially in audio. We distinguish ourselves from others by structurally spending much time at research and test work, in which we think and work by our Tru-Fi philosophy.

When you're working from Tru-Fi in audio you always focus on all the different properties that sound possesses. You can understand audio only when you exactly know why the sound and stage of your audio system is as what you're listening to.

Therefore you should know of each individual component in your system the full DNA (properties) it owns. Because the sound you hear from your own system is formed by all properties of each individual component together, the acoustics and other factors that affect the sound negatively.

Most people still have no idea of how important power cables actually are. In 2004 we already had created a method to convince customers that they are essential in each system. That is why we figured out shootouts so we could prove how important power cables actually are.

We did a shootout between a cd player of 2000 euro and a power cord of 2400 euro. Against a 5000 euro cd player along with our most sold power cable of 100 euro.

Almost everyone had a preference for the cd player of 2000 euro combined with the power cable of 2400 euro. While everyone was convinced that the most expensive cd player would become the winner.

Working from Tru-Fi it becomes so much easier for us to hear and understand the differences between brands and power cables exactly. In over 15 years we've tested many power cables. And the differences between all these power cables of different brands are huge.

Tru-Fi shows us that Audioquest power cables are able to reveal all the different properties sound possesses. But in addition, the most important properties also reveal a natural sound and realistic proportions of voices and instruments.

All our tests in cables over the years showed that unfortunately there are several brands which cannot reveal all the different properties of sound. And in addition, certain properties are not filled in the right way. We found out that various cable brands present both voices and instruments out of proportion (often too big).

In reality both voices and instruments are very direct (tangible) and small in proportion. We call that 'intimate' individual focus. In addition, various cables emphasize a certain frequency range, but you want the full frequency range to be evenly played.

The Hurricane is a power cable by Audioquest from the all-new 'Storm Series'. And it cannot even be compared to the previous power cables from Audioquest. Because it is a new level in quality that stands on its own in its price range.

A number of years ago, Audioquest hired AC-power specialist Garth Powell. From his knowledge and insight he has developed new AC-power products for Audioquest. And the Storm Series are the first new power cables he developed.

AudioFacts knows from all our research and test work how important AC-power is and that this is a profession on its own. We continuously share information with various specialists in specific parts in sound&vision. That is why it is nice to see that even Audioquest now specializes in this part.

The Hurricane also features a new DBS battery pack. That has become even more effective now that the bandwidth is increased. In addition, the level in noise is also decreased. Because the cable is twisted now it decreases the level of interference also.

Audioquest uses the best quality in solid copper (PSC+) for the Hurricane, which they apply in all their best copper cables. This can be heared by a richer sound with even more diversity (layering). And there is more grip and control in the high frequencies. And it also creates a more powerful low frequency range.

In part 2 we will explain in details why the Hurricane is so different compared to the older Audioquest powercables. But also compared to other competitors.

I am a great supporter of Tru-Fi. It has been proven that only through the expert application of Tru-Fi which includes using properties and understanding the DNA of the chosen components can a Music Reproduction System produce a 3D sound all other Music Reproduction Systems are expressly limited to 2D sound reproduction because they are not working in properties. This has been proven many times to all who listen and many remark that before Tru-Fi they were working like children with trial and error in their Music Reproduction Systems and would never achieve the 3D presentation that is only available on a  Music Reproduction System employing properly implemented TruFi. 

However and this is a big however I have discovered a "hole" in Tru-Fi this is a property not previously discovered, isolated, analyzed and implemented by Bo this "missing" property is not really the last link in the chain it is really the first link in the chain and without proper utliization of this property it is not possible to have a truly accurate Music Reproduction System. 

I have labelled this property the ICSS factor! I will be revealing more about how the ICSS factor influences our Music Reproduction Systems in the coming year! It will be the turning point in the evolution of Music Reproduction Systems and will forever change how we analyze the audio output delivered by such systems. I am sorry to say the Bo has been reluctant to share details of Tru-Fi and I will not divulge Tru-Fi details without his express authorization however the ICSS factor is something I have developed on my own working with expert scientists in the field of Music Reproduction Systems and even without a fully designed, specified, and implemented TruFi system the proper use of ICSS factor will allow even a non-Tru-Fi Music Reproduction System to perform better than any other system including almost every Tru-Fi Music Reproduction System that does not account for ICSS factor so stay tuned for more details this will be very exciting! Until then I challenge Bo to finally provide for the public's edification the details of Tru-Fi it is time to share the news with the world!
This weekend I connected the new Audioquest Dragon High current powercable to my subwoofer.

With Statement Audio Pro measurement we can bring a subwoofer to a new reference level in integration. It outperforms any other way of using a subwoofer. This is based on the fact that we work at 0.25 millimeter precision. We also can put it in phase with the loudspeakers.

In the last 2 months we created new layers in the middle frequencies. Since we know (21 months) that diversity in sound is the most important part to create emotion during listening we put a lot of effort to this part.

We adapt each individual property of sound over and over again. When you work and think by Tru-Fi it creates so much more information all the time. It gives you acces to things most people will never reach.

Trial and error will always be very ineffective. When you don’t learn to look further, the endresults will be limited until the end

The Dragon gives us a new level in details we never experienced before. The accuracy of the way we measure a subwoofer goes beyond the imagination of people. This gives us the access to get a much higher level out of this powercable.

We choose this cable pure on the DNA it owns. We use the benefit of the silver. Like we choose the Hurricane for it’s copper to the parts we connect it to.

Tru-Fi is creating audio by it’s properties. This makes audio so much more effective.

In each trial and error system the results of a Hurricane will be a lot less. You have no idea what the properties do to your system. You need an audio system what can reveal all the different properties of sound. Most audio products cannot reveal all the different properties. This means you have no access to all the different properties/talents of the Hurricane.

It is that simple!!

How envious I am of those initiates of Tru-Fi and 3D listening--those "happy few", from what I can see those very, very few.  It's a shame that one needs more than Statement Audio Pro measurement, 24k golden ears, a sixth sense, and a micrometer in order to identify those very few components that attain this level--not only that, but that special, special combination of components that permits such attainment.

Still, there is hope.  I hear that a couple of tonearm manufacturers are working on speaker stands that allow them to be adjusted in increments that we used to think only affected VTA and azimuth.

Tru-Fi creates new insights in both sound&vision all the time. Because it is much more effective than doing sound&vision by trial an error.

It is the only way to guide and control sound&vision. There is no other way possible. Fot us it is a big laugh to see all the people with their diffusers and bass traps. I will not say that is does not do anything. Because for a part it works. But S.A.P.-measurment is superior in effectiness and makes the diffusers and bass traps even silly.

When I look for example at Facebook for Highend For Passionates. I can see many faults at almost each single photo.

Based on the fact that I did so many different tests that the mistakes they make I will never make again. The most of them have no idwa what they are doing. When I see the pictures of loudspeakers of 200.000 dollar and the way they place them, it is the proof that it is done at the level of a child.

There is no discussion even possible. It is so easy for me to explain why they make mistakes and what they do wrong. They have not the insight to understand what they do wrong.

This cannot be learned, technical it is not possible. You need to be able to think in patterns. The patterns in my head create the ideas. And make it understandable why it can be done so much more effective.

In audio there are many things done by you all because other people told you that this is the right way. These are assumptions which are seen as the truth. But tests proves that many of them are not the right and best option.

These 'new' ideas are superior in effectiveness. Tru-Fi is based on properties, the human emotion and maximum effectiveness.

When you can think in patterns both sound&vision becomes understandable why what you see and hear if what you see and hear. This makes a huge difference.

Trial and error is being created by the fact that people have no idea what they do. And they believe (like I believed for a long time as well) that audio is just a personal taste.

The emotion is on the recording. When a system can reveal more information of that recording and it can even let you hear all the layers of the recording for each human being this will be prefered by any system by trail and error what is incomplete.

It took a client of mine 1 hour to explain to me that personal taste does not excist. And now I can explian this very easilit on facts and people understand it.

Each Tru-Fi system will proof it as well, over and over agian!
Many cables brands are not able to create all the different properties of sound. But Trial and error will not show people which products are incomplete.

But incomplete products will always work negative in any system. You cannot solve these limitations. All these products will never make you able to reveal all the information and layers of the recording untill the end.

So you can change parts of your system by trial and error, it will not help you. Because you have no idea which products are the ones who limit your endresult.

I decided not to talk about any brand negative anymore. I know all the incomplete brands, I will never say these names. But I will never sell these brands and products.

Tru-Fi makes the effectiveness of the Hurricane so much bigger than a Hurricane in any trial and error system. That makes this cable for me and my clients a lot more important than in trial and error systems.

Tru-Fi gives acces to all the different properties of the AQ Hurricane. In a trial and error system you only have acces to some of the properties of the Hurricane.

That is why audio needs a mindset to create a much higher endresult. Trial and error will never create any kind of stunning sound&vision.
Even if its decent product, this poster has an extensive track record of driving us all crazy with endless incoherent Audioquest rants. Salesmen like this are not needed, and certainly not wanted on these forums. Moderator, please take note.
I am a fan of AQ... I have a full AQ loom. 

But even I cannot stand this thread... I'm out.  
I’ve got my hip waders on, I can hack it. So how much of the sound of the Hurricanes is directly attributable to its presumably correct directionality? That’s what I’d like to know about. 😳
When people are not able to follow things anymore it becomes complicated. And when you put the mirror to their faces it becomes even more difficult.

Mister psag uses cables of a different brand and is starting to cry. You have no idea how limited the cables you use are. I sold them and I tested them many times.

At the end the technique of a cable will not garantee anything about what it does in your system. At the end the results are the only thing that counts.

Please stop crying and whining all the time, just test it yourself and judge.
When audio becomes personal people start to act just like children overhere.

Audio is about emotion and the best quality possible. All the rest doesn’t matter. Most people overhere have a very limited field of view.

I said it overhere many times, learn to look further. When you never will take any risk to look further, you will stay there where you are.

Music is one of the most beautiful things in life. So you want to experience it with full emotion and intensity. For this you need an audio system and also cables which can reveal all the information and layers.

People don’t want to know that they use brands and products which are incomplete because they cannot handle the truth.

When you would act like that, you fail as a human being. When you want the best for yourself as well you need to look further.

You are in control of your own life, learn to focus more.

As an owner of the new Dragon power cords I think very highly of them and can happily describe what they bring (and have done so in other threads). This so called “review” however is just a farrago of meaningless b/s - AQ should be embarrassed to be associated with this joker
Mister 'freak' you have no idea in how we use Audioquest cables. The people of Audioquest have auditioned why we can go so much further.

In our country we use Audioquest so much more precise than all other shops. Beside that we sell a  lot more expensive cables than others. Based on the fact that Tru-Fi makes cables for us more effective.

We can proof this by sound and facts. We are not talking about personal taste. 
I am so confused how do you "use Audioquest cables" differently? One end goes into the wall socket the other end into your component. Is there some other way to "use" a power cable?
I dont mind if this were more of a review rather than a thread of self promotion.  
I am also very, very confused. I am not smart enough to be an audiophile anymore is my take away. Only a handful of us are. @geoffkait is one of the handful 🤔
Thanks! for writing Part 1- bo1972.
If you can mention here talk about the (2) cd players, (2) power cables.
If not, send me a PM. I look forward in reading Part 2.
Happy Listening!
@jond he'll never tell you, because the wonders of 3D Tru-Fi are strictly limited to a few, a very few, initiates, who know how to take the right micro-steps to implement the electronic dimensionality correctly.
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I was hoping that BO would post a real evaluation of the AQ Hurricane... It is really sad to realize that here we are reading nothing more than a repetition ad nauseam of previously posted self-congratulatory ramblings with little ties into concrete observations about this new PC....

* BO is the best, and the only one...

* No one appreciates BO stature....

* No one else practices TrueFi as BO does....

* TrueFi is not for the unwashed masses....

* Via TrueFi you will own the world of sound...

* The DNA shall be revealed to a few anointed ones....

* Not even AQ understands Hurricane....

* Hurricane must be used in a different way, wich will be revealed at some yet future to the anointed few....

* Diverging opinions are the same as ignorance....

* Ignorance is same as fake knowledge....

* Fake knowledge is same as not believing in True-Fi....

* Not believing in true Fi is same as ignorance....

* Go to the top of the list and repeat...

This is sadly starting to resemble content-free logorhea... And the words messianic, narcissistic, and a few other associated terms are regretably coming to mind.

Regards, G.


Lest we all forget the ironically monikered clearthink has added an extra dimension to Tru-Fi (whatever the heck that is) something called the  ICSS factor. Whatever this factor may be (assuming ICSS actually stands for something)  I am sure it adds an untold dimension to Tru-Fi (whatever the heck that is)!

I suspect that ClearThink and Bo1972 may be residing in the same physical human... Whether or not BO and ClearThink are the same "persona", or the latter a fragment spun off  by the former... That is a different matter, as there are some minor differences in writing style, while the "thinking" in the post is essentially the same as BO’s.


In the hope of adding something useful and not entirely tangential to this thread here follows my impressions of the AQ Dragon.

I have been using AQ WEL power cords for about five years now. Initially I had them powering my ARC Ref 2 Phono SE and Ref 40 and one on the PSU for my EAR table. I also have a pair on my VTL MB450III MonoBlocks. I selected WEL mainly as it was the cable one of my major dealers used, and available at good prices. Compared with stock cables the WEL brings great authority, precision and clarity -- maybe a little on the crisp/tight/"yin" side

Over the past several years I have swapped out many of the WELs for a variety of reasons -- for the Ref 40 I needed an 8’ cable and changed to SR Galileo LE which was much richer and more natural sounding. On the table PSU I swapped in a Marigo Iridium which seemed much more authoritative.

One place I had not sought an alternative was on my power amps. I’d been awaiting the new AQ cords with some interest and as soon as I heard they were available I asked my local dealer for a pair of the Dragon High Current 20A cords to try. As Bo notes the new AQ cords have a very different helical twisted geometry -- the Dragon implementing this across a mix of copper and silver wires. Be aware these cords are quite difficult to work with -- they resist twisting and so it’s imperative you check that the size you buy will work with the orientation of the IECs on your components. The good news is that the connections once made are secure and likely will hold in place (I have had other cables that are so heavy they pull themselves out of their mains sockets).

So how do they sound? Straight up I was flabbergasted by a completely different presentation of the Dragon vs the WEL. Bass seems less pronounced but there is much more air and space all around. As you listen more you realize that low level dynamics and inflections are now apparent that you had previously not been aware of -- and overall the ability of the amps with these new cables to communicate emotion has gone up in strides. One odd effect is to seemingly amplify dynamic range -- what I mean by this is that while perhaps previously I’d been using a range of say 36-46 on my pre amp to accommodate the optimal loudness for all my CDs, now I found myself using 28-52 -- with the Dragon’s it seems the power cord is no longer compressing the peaks which in some cases (i.e. a more compressed recording) might mean a lower volume setting is optimal while more purist recordings can take a higher.

Needless to say I kept the demos and sold the WELs. I have no opinion on how the Dragon’s compare to other similarly priced cords but would suggest that anyone in the market for a power amp cord check them out. As the Dragon low current (for sources) are much cheaper I would suspect they are quite a bargain but currently have no need of such a cord (my last remaining WEL on my phono is soon to be redundant as I switch to a battery based phono)

Hopefully these musings are helpful for anyone in the market for the latest from AQ -- they certainly have my endorsement

I am glad to read your review.  Light on bass?  Sounds concerning to me.

I have AS Wel PC x2 and I'm happy with them that I'm nk t selling it switching anytime soon
@joey_v thanks for asking about my comment “light on bass” as I meant to expand. Too many audio systems add an emphasis, a boom or low/mid bass stress that seems superficially attractive and is often quite exciting. But real bass isn’t like that, it grows naturally and kind of sits under the Music with its own texture and intensity. With the WELs in my setup I had that hyped up bass, with the Dragons it’s more organic and real world. You can read more on this in AudioGon member bdp24's observations on listening to my system

So yes, it might seem like less bass but the bass is of better quality, with more detail and about a half octave deeper once you listen into it.

It’s also more in scale. With the old power cords intense loud music (think the "Gladiator" soundtrack) often swelled up and expanded outside the speakers. It’s as if the orchestra got amped up and expanded like a balloon. Now the music remains in scale, the depth and detail is there but it is never blown out of scale is getting more funny every day. 

We tested the Wel and Wild as well. But the Purist Audio LE Luminist outperformed them like they were standard cables.

In part 2 we describe very detailled what it does. It will be desribed on all the individual parts of sound. The head of Audioquest Europe was here about 2 weeks ago. And he read my review part 2 the night before he visit me.

He was amazed that they things I wrote I could explain him part by part. This is how precise we work. And no amature who uses this as a hobby can even think at that level.

'Folk' his words are very limited in details, and it doesn't say that much. Sound goes a lot further than some words; like more air, bass less pronounced. Impressive Folk!!

You have no idea what sound is and what you can achieve with it when you are able to reveal all the layers. Even with your fancy system you don't use the best students in it's class and not the best properties. Because I tested many of the stuff you own. And their are different parts in your system what is incomplete even on facts. 

The great thing about audio is that the sound and stage you hear will always speak the truth. The best audio systems can reveal music at a level what reveals all the information and layers at a level what influences your emotion you never experienced.

How you want to control and guide a trial and error system? I asked it to several people who own audio shops and work in audio for many years. And they could not answer this question.

When you cannot tell of each individual part of your system which properties it owns you will never know why your sound and stage is what you hear. Most people even have no idea about all the different parts which influences the sound and stage negatively.

That is why money will not even solve the limitation of trial and error.

We are talking about facts which are even confirmed by audio shop owners. 

When people think we are pro Audioquest I can garantee you that we test each individual AQ product first before we decide to sell it yess or no.

The new Niagara conditioners we tested and in our world they are not good enough. We have superior competitors. We will always choose for the best. This is how we protect all our clients. There are even more AQ products we tested and will not sell.

AQ did stop with 100% silver. All my tests with the Wel were not convincing. The Purist Audio LE luminist outperformed them on all parts. Audio is in our word all about shootouts and finding the best products.

All inferior products never will be chosen or even sold. We want all our clients to get the maximum quality possible for the money they spend. Second best will always be for the losers in this world.

When you want to show your clients respect you give them the best quality possible and never any second or 3th best. In our world each individual person should deserve a stunning audio system for the money he or she spends.

We work day and night for all our customers.  They can call us each day, even on saturday and sunday. And we will be there to support them.

You need to understand the differences between silver and copper. or even the combination of these two. 

Silver in loudspeakercables and interconnects works different than silver in powercables.

I also use 2 sets of Wel xlr in my system. And Wild interconnects for my surround part. All my hdmi, RJ/E and other cables are diamond and are also silver.

But powercables for amps, sources and pre amps silver will not always be the best option. This is why Audioquest stopped with full silver. Now they had to admit that this is not the best way to go.

There are enough situations that a Hurricane will work better than a Dragon. You need to understand how different materials work on an amp, pre amp or even source.

The Wel tests proved that silver often will limit the diversity in the middle frequencies. Jim Aud the owner of Purist Audio also has one pure silver powercable. He made it because clients asked for it. But he also prefers the copper version, like I do.

When you are able to extract all the different properties of each individual part in your system you can understand what it does to your stage and sound. This is needed to find out if a cable is the best option in your system.
I have a lof of experience with acoustic live music. One of my best friend had a concert room with a Steinway piano. And he gave small classical concerts.

This made me aware what intimate sound is and does with both voices and instruments. Intimate sound is also an important part of Tru-Fi.

The Hurriane and Dragon both are able to create a stunning realistic  proportion. But it goes even further than this alone. It also can give a voice or instrument a more realistic shape.

When you want to create a sound and stage wich creates a stunning 3D holographic stage with intimate and realistic individual focus of voices and instruments. You need the right properties for it. And creating a shape is even more difficult.

When I auditioned a lot of classical music I started to understand what a shape of an instrument is and how it is being formed. 

Everything I hear during live music I want to create. It is in my head and I work it out until I can create it.

Many of my tests proof that many products and brands don't own all the properties of sound. Beside that many also are not able to fill it in the right way.

This is why you need to know all the individual properties of each part. In all other situations you are doing audio by pure gambling.

Many people I spoke this year who also work in audio started to laugh when they admit that the way they do audio is more like gambling.

It proofs that most have no idea how they work untill you confront them. 
I am not Clearthink. I have many clients and I asked a few if they were him. But they all said it is not me.

To be honest I don’t know who he is. Next week a person who also comes here a lot at Audiogon will visit me. I will ask him also to write here what he thinks about Tru-Fi systems.

Because I will take him also to a client of mine. We create a sound. It is always the same way. Each system needs to own all the different parts of sound. Because each single part what is missing will always create a lower level in emotion and intensity. Audio is that simple:)
It is obvious that people react strange on something they don’t know. That is why it needs to be shown. Tru-Fi will bring both sound&vision to a for many new level in quality.

You all do audio by trial and error based on the fact that it is told you to do so. The people in audio do it as will, so this proves that they all think and even believe that this is the best way to do audio.

I can tell you and I will prove that it is not. You have no access to all the different properties of each individual part in your system. For that it is too ineffective.

There are different people who react irritated all the time overhere. Please stop with that, we will help everyone. Just give us some time. It will be shared.

People think that I want to provoke, but that is not the case. I want to take you out of your comfortzone so people will start to look further..........

This is needed to grow to a much higher endresult than your system can create now. We are all different but we are all humans. So react like that.

That even counts for me, so I want to apologize to the people who felt offended. Perfectionists can only think in one way; and that is the best result possible. There is no room for error. Second best will never be an option.

I was born like this and even as a child I was the same. And yess I am a lot different, I will never say better. Because in my world all people are equal and even important. The difference is that I can see and hear so much further into details.

Today I phoned with the head of Audioquest Europe about the Dragon. I told him that I can reveal details/micro information I never heard on any system regarding price since I use the Dragon on my subwoofer.

We improve both sound&vision over and over again. This proces never stops. This is inside my system and the drive to create an even higher level is there all the time. Yesterday evening we did a new calibration with my Oled and brought it to an even higher level. This also goes far beyond your imagination.

Our S.A.P.-measurement can reveal details of sound what cannot be reached by normal audio without this measurement. It is missing. It is not even there. And that is why we can get a superior level out of a Dragon.

We compared different highend stereo preamps (of even over 15000 dollars) and they were inferior on all parts. This proves how much you loose with ’standard’ audio.

’Highend’ products will not solve this. Even when the parts inside are better, it is still very limited. Trial and error gives you a very limited insight of details and data. That is why you still cannot guide and control your sound and stage precisely.

Beside this, you need to understand what smog, magnetism and high frequent noise does to your system. We eliminate all these different parts to a minimum. This is what research does, it gives you access to understand why these parts limit your sound and also vision.

Tru-Fi can easily make you understand what goes wrong and how you can solve this. In fact it is the opposite of trial and error. I started to create this on the 3rd of july 1998. I made the choice that day to understand why each product in audio is so different than another one.

This is the mindset I talked about many times overhere. It is a different way of thinking. But it opens doors which will be closed with trial and error until the end.

Life is not about what you take and own, but what you can give to others......

Wow ......wasn't this the same guy who high-jacked everybody's power cables threads here on Audiogon to shout from the top of the mountain that Purist Audio makes the best power cables on the planet. I will agree that Jim Aud makes some very good right at the top cables , and who also is selling them at prices where you just have to shake your head and say ; C'mon Jim really ? One of the most down to earth guys in this hobby but is now pricing his cables out of most everybody's reach these days. How much could have possibly changed ? ........but wait Bo now seems to know the answer. I have made my owns logical decisions with this hobby and after nearly 40 years of collecting's your ears, your system, your room and the music you listen to. ( and your own money ) but I do take offense when someone either from the front door or from the back door is telling us they are stupid for what we know and or don't know and come with me I will show you the way type of approach. Hmmmmm........I will not drink your Kool Aid Bo and I am not stupid or easily persuaded as I can make my OWN decisions when it comes to audio. Just wow ......enjoy the music and this journey.  
Wow - you people amaze me. After all the testimonials from the hundreds of clients Bo has helped reach audio nirvana, you still do not believe? Wait a minute - has ANYONE ever admitted to buying anything from this guy?  I would like to see some posts from some of the many satisfied clients.  
The great thing about audio in our world is that brands and products own different properties. People overhere think and focus on brands and products.

We are only interested in the properties they own. The Purist Audio LE powercables have a different influence on both sound&vision compared to AQ powercables. can create and do things different than the Dragon and Hurricane does.

Purist Audio Design make great products and I still use 3 LE in my system and no they will not be changed by Dragon or Hurricane.

These cables I choose for a particular part in my system based on their properties. You have no idea where you are tlking about.

You still think in trial and error, that will always be audio gambling. All my clients thought as you all overhere in trial and error before I met them.

Now they all own a Tru-Fi system and they all understand that their system is superior to each individual system they ever owned. And the biggest difference is that the emotion and intensity of music comes inside their head.

No one of my clients will ever make a changement in their system by trail and error. When you are aware that Tru-Fi outperfroms any system by trial and error you wil never be that stuppid to go back to your own created (limited) system.

When you will hear a Tru-Fi system you will directly understand and feel how much more it does to your emotion. Music is emotion and that is why we work by the human emotion.

Trial and error proves that it lacks many aspects of sound. This will always create a lower level in emotion and intensity.

The reason why some people react irritated overhere is based on the fact that I say things you don’t want to hear.

This proves that you would like to hear the things you want to hear. You need to look further and choose for the truth.

I always ask to people; what do you want to hear? The truth or the thing you would like to hear.

The last group I cannot and I will not help. I only can help those people who want the best possible. When I take a look at the products a new client owns I will say what he can keep and what needs to go.

Each inferior incomplete product I cannot use, because it will limit each system. When he wantes to keep it, it is fine with me. But I cannot help him. I will never connect my name to any 2D audio system or incomplete set.

This is a choice as well and I cannot do it differently. But I can create a quality in both sound&vision what is mindblowing.

In 2018 you will see and hear it.......goodluck to you all!

We will fill in many reviews soon. The website is in dutch. And in 2018 it will be in english as well.

There are already put different reviews on it. But it is in dutch. You need some patient. We have many new articles and photos ready to be placed on the website. What is still under construction.

Also take a look at:

Her you can see how we work. For a part because most things we will never photograph. People have no idea how much furhter we can go into details.

It is not comparable with the trail and error world you all live in. 
Wow! Hey! Do we have a match?! Einstein said the world is not trial and error. He disagreed with the premise that the universe is probabilistic. He never got on board the whole quantum mechanics train. Do we have a match? Whoa! Wait a second! Back up!! Beep, beep! On second thought, Einstein turned out to be wrong. The universe actually IS probabilistic. Audio is trial and error in the sense you must try different things until you are going in the right direction. There is no other way to proceed. In addition everyone is one his own to a certain extent. That’s what I refer to as Stove Piping. We all labor on our own systems more or less in vacuum. So we reach conclusions based on our research and our labors. But our conclusions oft times disagree. That’s because of the Stove Piping. Even with information sharing Stove Piping is a major problem. We are all working from different Databases. That’s why it’s is a little dangerous to generalize or to be too dogmatic.

You’re a Stove Piper,
Stove Piper, Stove Piper, Stove Piper
Stove Piper, Stove Piper, Stove!
Yes you are, yes you are!
Nooooo Einstein said: insanity is doing things over and over again but expecting better results. This is what I do for almost 20 years!

Sound&vision what you hear and see will always proof the truth. That is the thing I love most about it. That is it’s honesty :)

I said it many many times and I will repeat it over and over again. People who also work in audio confirmed that they do both sound&vision by gambling. And that they all have no idea why the stage and sound is what the hear.

2 weeks ago I discussed this with the head od Audioquest Europe at my home. He also owned an audio shop in the past. He also agreed that this is how they and others work. Period, end of discussion:)

We will start making professional videos in 2018 as well. Especially for geoffkait and other non believers I will film the reactions of these people. How about that :)?

@guidocorona  I assumed (and still believe) that @clearthink's posts were pure parody. 
Just for the record Einstein never said insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Why would he? It doesn’t make sense in any context he would ever make such a statement. The internet is clogged up with misinformation, disinformation and just plain bad information.
I have been an avid music listener for about 48 yrs. I know what to listen for. When it sounds perfect I call it "Purfikt Sound".
Now nobody and I mean nobody knows how to make "Purfikt Sound". Because you have to have all the parts. And nobody has all the parts. You have to listen and then plug things together and then plug in the components. If you don't hear anything you keep doing it over and over and over again until you get "Purfikt Sound". It is all lot of work and that is why nobody else can do it.  And when all the people hear "Purfikt Sound" they are amazed and say "how did you do that? That sounds Purfikt!".  It takes a lot of years to do this and nobody else has a lot of years and so can't do it like me, yipper.  I have "Purfkited" it and I am going to show a video soon(probably in year 2056)that shows everyone's excitement when they hear 'Purfikt Sound" for the 1st time. And then I will show a video again when one hears it for the 40th time to see how happy my listeners  still are, just to prove it is the best way for parts go together. Anyway nobody can do this and I can prove it. I prove it all the time. Any time you guys need proof so I can tell you about the part just ask me and I will tell you I can do it. I like to keep things simple and so my proof is I just tell people they can't do it and I can and I can prove it. I prove it all the time. So if you need proof just ask and I will tell you. Going back to enjoy "Pufikt Sound". Sounding off for now but I will be back.
Pretty much the only "real" review on this thread is folkfreak.  Based on my experience with different types of cables, I would heartedly agree with his results.   The standard Audioquest power cords pretty much max out at 13awg.  They do use solid-core Pefect Surface Copper (Audioquest's version of OCC copper).  The NRG-4 is what I use for all my sources - I chop the ends and use Furutech rhodium connectors (it's too bad vendors only offer gold or silver plated).  I am not a fan of silver-plated stuff, but others may like that (such as WEL or other power cords).  I can see where the standard 13awg may not be enough for amplifiers and that is where the new "high current" Audioquest power cables come into play.  The standard NRG series cables are very stiff already, so I can see where the new cords are going to be hard to work with (not very flexible).  I suspect they are just a standard 13awg used 3 times in a braided fashion.  This brings the power cord to just under 8awg, maybe 8.25 awg or something like that.  If you have a high current amplifier, I can see the benefit of the larger awg cords.
Bo the OP says "You have no idea what sound is..."
I say Bo the OP has no idea what coherent thought is...
I’d wager the majority of us here know what sound is and have a reasonable idea of how to achieve better sound than most, given the limitations of our bank accounts and experiences, but even if an AQ Hurricane will bring me instant nirvana, I’m not sure I’m ever gonna learn why from Bo...
...on the plus side, 100 points to marqmike!
@marqmike   Can't wait for 2056 to roll around and get all the Purfikt details.

Rejoice yee audiophrenes... We shan't need wait until 2056... I have it from an uber-reliable source that The shameful veil of trial&error shall be soon rended, and the glorious True Truth (V4.1) shall manifest in its staggering splendor to the pitious unwashed masses of us ever-confused and grovelling audiophiles next February 30th!


At a retail price of $2K I reckon the Hurricane High Current Power Cord falls squarely in the $uper High End Audio segment. 
If price is the criteria for $uper High End, than $2K for a power cord is relatively inexpensive and "some" wouldn't consider them super high end based on cost. There are several companies that sell power cords for twice to eight times the price of the Hurricane power cord.