Review: Audio Mirror full horn speaker Speaker

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I am writing this review because I am still under impression of what I saw and heard in Audio Mirror's listening room during my recent visit. I have Dali Megaline's speakers at home. My taste is more inclined to jazz, but I also like rock and acoustical music. I first met Vlad from Audio Mirror when they still were in California and he brought a pair of his power amps at my place. They blew away my KR's, after that they outperformed my Rogue audio and finally I ended up with a pair of Audio Mirror's monoblocks. Now I saw the ad for the horn speakers they introduced on Audiogon and was very intrigued. I flew from California to Houston to hear the horns. When I saw the gorgeous look of the horns I already new what I can expect. From the very first note the music started filling the room. It was liquid and airy. It was so revealing and natural. I was dipped into music and relaxed. We listened for a few hours. LP's CD's old and new recordings. For instance the 1964(if I'm not mistaken) Oscar Peterson's LP "We get Requests" was so live and smooth. All the instruments were separate and vivid sounding, the picture was so real. The dynamics and the vocals are incredible. The design is very well engineered. Cabinets are a real craftsmanship. I witnessed the building process and was amazed how detailed and accurate every part was made. 8 layers are used to form the unique bended shape of this gorgeous speakers. I am anxiously waiting for my new Audio Mirror horns to arrive. They are making custom made paint job for me. Meantime I am selling my Dali Megalines. What more can I say. I heard the revelation and I am a a proud and happy owner of Audio Mirror's horn speakers. I am posting a pictures that I made from the listening room and from my pair of horns ready to be painted.

Associated gear
Audio Mirror SET 20watt power amps, Audio Mirror PP1 full preamp, CD transports with DAC- D1 from Audio Mirror.
How much for the Megalines? I would appreciate knowing more about he differences in music between the horns and Megalines given that Megalines are suppose to be the ultimate? How big is your listening room?