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Although I respond positively to reviews with all the typical audio adjectival lingo, they do not, for a minute, give me any idea what the sound is like. The review, for me, just serves as (sometimes) impetus to "check it out." I have owned the Audio Magic Steath for 8 months and have been more than satisfied with it's presence in my system. Now, why did I upgrade to the new Audio Magic Matrix?--it was there. Look, I'm just a bit nuts with this stuff, but I, after talking to a few people who owned the Matrix, plus Jerry, over at Audio Magic, figured, what do I have to lose? As you guys might know, from earlier posts, I went through the customary, very long, breakin process with a high current/amperage pulling appliance with my Matrix. (Zaikes, be gentle with me.) Two weeks, running 24 hours per... I have been in sonic heaven for the past week. Thought I would have to give it more time to give you the scoop. But a major snow storm, stuck in the house seated by a roaring fire, gave me a chance to do some serious listening. This baby does everything better than the Stealth. We're talking (I know, I know-this is not a measurable thing, but just to give you a feeling) 25-30 percent better. Stealth on Steroids is the best way I can put it. Vocals, bass, SOUNDSTAGE are incredible. I realize soundstage doesn't owe anything to live music, but in the kingdom of home stereo, it does reign supreme. The Matrix opens the music up wide and deep like I've never heard before. This review is based on having my cdp, and amp plugged into the Matrix. I then, unplugged my cdp, put in on a dedicated line with a Stealth Mini Digital, and I'm on another sonic plane. I just don't have the writing finesse, to explain what I'm hearing. But if this review does anything to give you the impetus to give it a listen, you'll know what I'm talking about, once you hear this baby. I am a tough sell, and the Matrix delivers--in spades. Yes, this baby is costly. But with my Lat International power cords (and one of Ernie's home brews) I'm grooving. From what I've read, Elrods and the like will raise me to another level..Maybe, but I can't justify the expense. Why?--because I can't afford Elrods. If I could, I'd fine the justification. A thick wallet, has always helped me, with that. Matrix too much? The Stealth will do you fine. peace, warren

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Warren, thanks for the review. It's a shame you never had the chance to try the Stealth with a better power cord. It would have been an interesting comparison to have listened to a Stealth with an Elrod 3 Signature versus the Matrix with a lesser cord. I currently own a Stealth with a Virtual Dynamics Nite SOL cord on it, very happily. It's funny, how I own more expensive power cords (VD Nite, BMI Shark, Tara Labs 'The One', Shunyata Cobra, etc), yet I'm not considering going for the Matrix right now for the same reason you can't go for the Elrod, I can't afford it. FWIW, I would say I got about a 10% increase in sonic bliss when I put the VD Nite on the Stealth from my original BMI Whale Elite mk II. Figuring it would cost me about $500 to try a Elrod 3 Signature (after sale of my current cord) and about $1500 to try a Matrix (after sale of the Stealth), right now, I'd be leaning towards trying the EPS-3S. Especially from the experiences I've had trying different power cords, it would have been an interesting comparison. Obviously a Matrix with a Elrod EPS-3S would probably beat all. But given a budget of say $3000-$3500 (list), how would a Stealth with EPS-3S power cord ($3200) compare with say the Matrix with a budget p/c? Anyone have any experience with this.

Thanks again for sharing your experience Warren.

Thanks for the review Warren! I agree whole heartily with your findings. The difference the Matrix has made in my system in incredible.
Hi Warren,

I've connected my Stealth to my analog components and left the digital on the PS-300. With a little power cord swapping I think I've hit on the winning combination. I sense a broadening of the soundstage, along with slightly increased depth and a greater sense of space between instruments. The music seems to have not only moved a little farther back, but also in front of the speaker plane. I know not everyone likes that kind of presentation, but I sure do. More immediate and involving.

The only probably I'm having is getting the Stealth to remain upright without the help of mass loading the top. The weight and pressure of the substantial power cords connected in the rear makes it do a "wheelie". I currently have an unattractive oversized piece of scrap Corian on top to keep it on the cones I've got under it, but even without the cones it pops it's front legs in the air. Have you had the same problem?

Considering the Stealth has only approx 200 hrs on it, it's sounding very good. The instructions say it can take up to 500 hrs, with the sonics improving along the way. If that's true, I'm really looking forward to experiencing that ride to the top!

Keep us updated on your Matrix.
Put the Stealth on 1" Audiopoints (3) and put solid copper(of the best resonance transference metals) on the top, to just barely hold your Stealth steady on the cones. Buy some copper, (plumbing section) els at Home Depot. They're quite good, and you can add just the right amount to hold that baby down. When you're ready, think of the AM Digital Mini for your cdp. I know audiophools who've moved from PS Audio 300 to Stealth Mini Digital and have never looked backed. Well, maybe to say, "don't I know you from somewhere?" Happy listening. you're on the way...peace, warren

Thanks for the advice on the copper. But I'm not sure I understand what I'm looking for at Home Depot. Your msg says "copper els"? What's that?

The problem with the digital mini is it only has one duplex, and I've got 3 components, cdp, dvd & surround processor.


They are these little "EL" copper pipe pieces. They are shaped in a very small "el." LETTER L. that's the deal. Weighty enough to hold down your Stealth.
Just a Matrix update. I'm in heaven. I don't know what was in my electric, but my system has moved to a level that I've always wished for. I have arrived. Better, yet, my system has arrived. I'm going to sit back, now, for hopefully, the longest while, and just groove with some good music. Thanks, you audiophools, for helping me along the way of my sonic journey. Hey, the Cowboy Junkies are calling. And, yes, it was you guys who turned me on to them. peace, warren
I'm currently auditioning the Matrix with Matrix powercord. Both are well broken-in I believe. It's only been in my system 1 night, but it's so impressive that I'm compelled to post my comments: I don't want to restate the review, but simply want to reiterate that this is a wonderful product. The highs, lows, mids, everything just sounds better. My wife and I stayed up pretty late last night enjoying it. The Matrix is simply amazing! Highly recommended! I'll be buying one when the audition is up!
You're free, now. Glad to hear you've got the
"Magic." Thanks for keeping us posted. peace, warren
I wanted to add to this product review thread with my personal experience, now that I’ve had my custom tweaked Audio Magic Stealth Matrix in my system for almost 1 month.

My system set up:
Two dedicated 20amp circuits (one for digital and the other for amps)
EAD CD-1000 mkIII (modded)
Plinius 8100 integrated amp

Prior to adding the Stealth Matrix, I thought my system sounded really good. The dedicated circuits, for separating the digital side from the amps, were a nice improvement. Another nice improvement was upgrading my speaker crossover networks and CDP. I never thought that just replacing capacitors, resistors, diodes, and internal wiring could have such a profound effect. My system sounded musical, detailed, with good air and separation between voices and instruments, good imaging, and a wide soundstage. I can confidently say that I was happy but knew that I needed a power conditioner to protect my gear from power surges and spikes. If the power conditioner improved the sound too, that would be even better.

I did my research and reading of some models I was interested in and narrowed my search down to 3 brands of power conditioners: Audio Magic, ExactPower, and Running Springs. They all had a used model in my price range, so it really came down to waiting for the right used one to come up for sale. The right one came up for sale at a price that was in my budget, a custom tweaked Audio Magic Stealth Matrix. It was custom tweaked by Jerry Ramsey of Audio Magic with all the latest and greatest modifications and internal components.

I plugged the Stealth Matrix into one of the dedicated circuits and plugged my CDP into the Stealth Matrix. The integrated amp remained plugged into the other dedicated circuit.

Flat out AMAZING! My system sounded much better in every possible way: more musical, detailed, air and separation, imaging, and soundstage. My system now produces a sound that I would describe as excellent: dimensionality/depth, clarity, details, and musicality beyond my expectations. It’s simply intoxicating to listen to music on my system with the addition of the Stealth Matrix. I now know what people mean when they say “the veil was lifted.”

Thanks Jerry of Audio Magic for such an outstanding product!