Review: Audio Horizons RTS Coupler Tweak

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I don't often feel compelled to tell other Audiophiles about a product but this RTS Coupler has motivated me to do so. Over my 44 years in this hobby there have been a few auditory experiences that are memorable to me such as placing an Original Cable Jacket on the ground wire of my tonearm, hearing a pair of crossover modified Magnepan 1.6 QR speakers crush the 6 times more expensive Wilson Sophias, and plugging my system into an expensive combination of a power regenerator and filtration, to name a few. Placing an RTS Coupler on my Sonic Frontiers Line 3SE+ preamp fits at the top of the upgade list for me. Because there are 12 tubes in this component I thought that the effect was stronger than it might be with other pieces but now that I have installed additional couplers on my DAC, phonostage, and monoblock amps I can testify that there is a definite cumulative effect! My Quad 988s deliver dynamics now like expensive box speakers with so much more of "you are there".

Although every aspect of the musical presentation has improved what is most notable to me is the dramatic drop in the noise floor and increased dynamics that having a leading edge has me sit up and pay attention, virtual elimination of grain that enables clarity at all frequencies, a purity and "live" music sensation, larger and better separated images, increased transparency and listening involvement, and bass articulation that I didn't believe could be improved in my system. Considering that my components already sit on expensive Bright Star platforms, this is incredible. Frankly, the experience is a paradigm shifter for me and it took a bit of time to get used to it as I have never heard any system sound so clear and transparent. For about the cost of 1 Lessloss Blackbody (which I have a number of) I have coupled 5 of my components with RTS Couplers and they have had the largest positive effect of any product that I have ever used. In fact the improvement is about double what my power regenerator and filtering products did in my system. There is a caveat here; if you prefer your audio reproduction to be unnaturally warm then this sound will be too "alive" and "in the room" for you. I used to believe that I understood that overly used expression of "cleaned the window to the sound" but I discovered that I really hadn't experienced it until I coupled my components' vibration to my Bright Star platform with RTS Couplers.

From my research I believe that Audio Horizons must have a licensing arrangement with Dynamic Contrasts who sell a rack system with this technology for $12000.00. Considering that Audio Horizons sells these for $159 - $199 depending on model, and offer a discount on multiple unit purchases, it seems to be the best bargain in the high end. You owe it to yourself to try these and with a 30 day money back guarantee there isn't anything to lose. Happy listening!

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Follow-up: I made the assumption that my PS Audio PerfectWave Transport would not benefit from an RTS Coupler because the matching DAC has a Digital Lens jitter reduction system built into it that should make the transport mute. I decided to experiment however and added a coupler to the transport and was very pleasantly surprised to hear a major improvement in terms of smoothness (the music seems more relaxed and is a bit more recessed just behind the plane of the speakers and and extends deeper without dynamics being affected), increased decay, even better bass.
I should also note that these couplers allow me to turn the volume down without losing any feeling of involvement. I can only contribute this to the lowered noise floor.
Hey Bazza,
Nice review. I have Sistrum racks in my system and their theories are in the same park. Did you try using the RTS couplers with a turntable at all? I have a super Lenco using the 10-layered 100 lb. plinth ala Jean Nantais uses in the thread on Audiogon. It seems I would need 2 couplers to go on the Lenco as it is 24" X 20" wide on top and the platter and Lenco chassis is in the middle of that. I believe the couplers would work wonderfully with the Sistrum racks and just using the rack was a great improvement in all ways toward more live realistic sound. If I couldn't use the couplers with a turntable, then I would probably use 3 of them on my tube preamp, amp, and Modwright cd/sacd player.
For those interested, contact Joseph Chow at Audio Horizons to learn more or order the RTS couplers. They are a remarkable addition to your equipment rack. I have a Sistrum rack and now have 3 couplers--one each on my Modwright 5400 cd, Audible Illusions 3A w/ John Curl MC Phono, and Edge M6 amp. Each one just made the sound much better, as did the Sistrum rack compared to my previous rack. It does take about 7-14 days to hear the improvement once you install them. Thanks Bazza for telling about these products and for selling me the 3 couplers.
I concur. Joseph Chow will work with your system and suggest the best applications of the RTS Coupler Tweak. There is simply nothing like it.
It is a real audio breakthrough, in terms of letting you realize what your
existing system is capable of reproducing.