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Van Alstine Model 2 Amplifier
Not much is known about the early Van Alstine stereo equipment.Was produced from 1977 to 1979 if memory serves me correct.

Contacted Frank Van Alstine on this amp.,and he was not very forthcoming with info on this product.

What I can tell all interested is this amp is large,and has a cooling fan in the back with a filter.Standard RCA connectors with the typical five way binding posts for speaker connections.The cabinet is vented on both sides to allow the air to escape that is vented in by the fan.The Model 2 is very heavy,and built very well.The front panel is black with silver trim along the edges.Rack handles and the power off/on switch is ivory and is illuminated when engaged.

Now for the sonics,after all this is why we are in the hobby. This is clearly one of the most dramatic amps I have ever own,and I have owned some of the very best,and the Van Alstine more than justifys it place in that category.

The detail,transparency,sound stage,and depth are astounding by the toughest critic.

While I do not have specific info,as to power per channel it is easily 225 per channel.While on evaluation I connected it to a pair of Acoustat Model 2 speakers. If you been in this hobby for a while,then you know Acoustats are some of the most difficult speakers to drive properly.

The Van Alstine Model 2 drives the Acoustats with a verve I find hard to imagine,if I had not heard it for myself

Seldom seen in classifieds or on auctions,most likely true testament of the Van Alstine Model 2.

Find one if you can,this is a true legend of audio,and enjoy the pure sonics that only this Van Alstine can deliver.

Associated gear
Acoustat,Forte,Time Windows,etc

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After hesitating a lot, in the year 1984 I purchased my val alstine pre and power amplifier( Later I purchased several of his equipment including a CD Player etc.
It is working flawlessly even today.It sounded highend in 1985 and even to day.
They are little more expensive now , they are very musical and very relaible with good service.
I have his current pre amp, and 2 power amps, DAC in my home theater set up.They are better performers.Many people hesitate to buy them from lack of familiarity and lack of a recognizable name.
I spoke to Frank Van Alstine a few years ago and if I recall correctly, he sold the company around the time the Model 2 and 3 were produced and the sale for some reason he did not end up with any schematics for these units under the new administration and he did not really want to discuss details. I ended up having a problem with my Model 3 and it turned out to be a bad Op Amp. It was replaced with a similar National LF357 for the OP Amp 17 by local shop in Richmond, VA. It took some detective work since no schematic. Eventually found a Model 2 and Preamp. KLH 9s and Apogee Centur Minor ribbons.
I have a Model 3 awaiting repair - problem in one channel. Could it be this same Opamp? An easy repair then! Sure would help to have a schematic for troubleshooting!