Review: Audio by Van Alstine Model 1 Preamplifier

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Van Alstine Model 1 Pre Amp
From a cosmetic point of view this is the matching pre amp for the Model 2 and Model 3 Amplifiers.

Produced in 1977,this marvelous PreAmp set the standard for many years.The simplicity of design and construction is a study in the fine art of simple but effective design.

However the main reason is that this PreAmp does not get in the way of the music,it allows the music to come to you. In short it is glorious in its execution. This pre amp really does not have a sonic signature.It is very clean and pure.In short if its on the LP or Disc,that is exactly what you hear. It does not embelish bass or treble. However with that being said,this Pre Amp is very unforgiving if the rest of the system is not up to the task. It needs to be associated with like high end components,where its true potential can be used.

Few pre amps even today can compare.

Seldom seen in classified or auctions sites. Thats true testament of the Van Alstine Model 1. People that have them - Keep them.An for a PreAmp now going on 25 years young,that speaks volumes about this PreAmp.

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Threshold,Acoustat,Harman Kardon,Citation,etc

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