Review: Audio Art Cable IC-1 Interconnect

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I wanted to give my impressions after using the Audio Art Cable IC-1 interconnect for a couple of weeks.

I am an audio enthusiast with a limited budget but to be honest if my budget were unlimited it would not go to $1000 interconnects or for that matter components. I enjoy music. I enjoy listening to good music on the radio as well as on my Hifi system. I would guess we are all like this fundamentally.

I had been lurking around Audiogon for a few weeks referencing IC's then doing research. There is allot of hype to be sure. What caught my eye with Audio Art Cable was the down to Earth, practical presentation of their product. I went back and forth with a few cable companies and Rob at Audio Art Cable was by far the most down to earth, helpful, straight shooter of the bunch. Because I live in the mountains all my audio purchases are made after detailed and thorough research. I can't get to a town big enough to do listening. Allot of my final choice is based on intuition, feeling, value and a good return policy!

I was intrigued by a few points. Audio Arts connection with DH Labs, their use of strands of copper rather than coaxial cable and a very good customer service. Oh yes, and the return policy!

There are other cables out there at the same or near the price point of the Audio Art. In the final analysis the IC-1 won out on product description, company communication, quality and yes the return policy! There is no Voodoo science involved, no fancy web site or log in name needed. I felt Rob was putting his product out in the market place in a refreshingly honest way.

In my system the IC-1's really shine. I listen to allot of late 50's jazz recorded by Rudy Van Gelder. The IC-1's help recreate that warm intimate deep feeling that is so present in these recordings.No question the single best improvement I have made. Soundstage, musicality, depth of field all improved. The IC-1's offer a clear, articulate and detailed presentation. I had been using an interconnect costing about twice as much and the IC-1 excels at all levels. I will not be returning these cables.
Just have to figure a way to add Audio Art speaker cable next!
Thanks Rob

Associated gear
Cambridge Soundworks Model 11 amp and satellite speaker system.

Musical Fidelity X-10D tube line buffer