Review: Audible Illusions Modulus 2D Tube preamp

Category: Preamps

The Modulus 2-D in my opinion is a very natural sounding and warm preamp that has great soundstaging. It also reveals that the rest of my system is in dire need of an upgrade.
After having a Melos 111 with Sylvania tubes, the AI sounds warm and inviting with no fatigue. There is a nice richness to the sound. Mid bass exists where it previously did not. I thought it was my speakers that had the problem. (I still need new speakers, though)

Listening to CD's of Etta James, Jeff Buckley, and Rusted Root, rendered a controlled, accurate musical presentation. Listening to Carmen McRae and Grover Washington on vinyl were emotional.

My experience is limited to a handful of pre amps but, I do listen critically. I'm surprised at how I can listen for longer periods of time with this preamp. It's a big change for the better.

I don't know of any weaknesses because it's the best preamp I've owned to date. (HK, Hegeman Hapi II, Melos MA111) It makes me want to improve the rest of my system immediately.

Associated gear
B&K ST-140,
Sony full auto record player,
AQ interconnects
B&W Minipods
Monitor Audio ASW110 sub

Similar products
Melos MA111
I replaced the power cord with Belden 83802. It is NOT an easy chore however yielded excellent results. Better midrange and imaging. The stock cord was not good.

If you've got an hour or so and good soldering skills, I highly recommend this simple modification.
Carlman, I assemble PC Kits consisting of the 83802, great affordable connectors (inc the NEW no-solder Schurter IEC!), and a clear, tough outer jacket for only $33.
I also can get you lengths of raw 83802 as well. Enjoy the music, and Happy Holidays. Ernie 781 483-3922
I bought the cord from you... I'm the guy in Durham, NC. The cables have just started to sound broken in. I've had the system running for 3 weeks solid now. The imaging is tighter, music is a little more 3-D, better midrange, more accurate bass, reveals more on my Revels. :)
I would say I could hear a difference the most in the pre-amp, second in the amp, and third in the CD. The CD player had a KimberKord in it before.

If I change anything it might be the AC plug. The Hubbel 5266x looks nice and comes in an elbow design too. I don't like the way the wires attach currently. I ended up splitting half the wire and going around the nut to give even pressure when I tightened it.

They still sound good, I'm picking nits about the plug.

Thanks again, great price, support, product, and instructions. What more could you want?