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march 2013 issue

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Are you hankering for a tube amp , but can't afford one?
No worries, grasshopper. For the price of $2 you can buy an aucharm fuse from vintage audio lab on ebay, and implant it into your solid state amplifier. If you have the right amplifier you should notice a more tube-like presentation as well as other important improvements. Let me expand on this by sharing a few reference cd's with you.

Is this my dad's tube amp?

Most audiophiles and music lovers are familiar with the cd by donald fagen, titled, "kamakiriad". One of my favorite tracks on this cd is "tomorrow's girls". Listening to this track i noticed a cleaner sound with less haziness and grittiness. The transparency was improved and the overall sound was smoother. The highs are almost crystalline and tube-like. Rhythmic flow is improved and the vocals seem clearer and perhaps more colorful. I noticed that the drums had good rhythmic bounce, also.

My next reference cd is a recording by bruce springsteen , titled, "greetings from asbury park". Track three can sound a little edgy on some systems, but the wonderful aucharm fuse seemed to smooth it out a little. The resolution is improved and vocals seem more refined and slightly fuller. The vocal neutrality is spot-on and there seems to be a little more airiness to the recording. It actually felt like springsteen was there in the room with me!

Fans of the rock group that goes by the name of "the police", might want to check out a sting cd titled, "all this time". I listened to track three titled, "perfect love". On this particular track the vocals seem to have a little less sibilance. If you turn the lights off when you are listening you can almost get an impression of getting a slight "window" peak into the performance. The drums are fairly tight sounding and pretty well controlled. I noticed that the sound stage had a slight sense of depth.


tube-like highs
less haziness
more vocal refinement
faster and stronger dynamic swing
cleans up and "freshens" the sound
improved resolution
removes some grittiness
improved micro dynamics
better rhythmic flow
cleaner bass
less noise
smoother sound
slightly airier
more open sounding

Before you go out and buy a tube amp, you might want to check out the aucharm fuse. If you install it into your solid state amp it might just remind you of that $1,000 tube amp you have your eyes on! I highly recommend this aucharm fuse for audiophiles looking to squeeze out a little more tube-like sound from there solid state amp.

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Did you install the fuse in the correct direction?
a note from the editor of budget esoterica review magazine:
"We were not aware that there was a correct direction".
thank you for pointing this out for us.
Can anyone tell me where I can purchace Aucharm silver fuses in the USA?