Review: ATI AT-2505 Multichamp

Category: Amplifiers

This amp is truly AWESOME! It can capably drive literally any speaker to truly loud levels. I had them hooked up to my DT speakers in the beginning and all I can say is the detail, texture, depth, clarity and bass slam increased from what I had heard from the same setup only using the Acurus A125 as the amp. The scary thing is that this amp requires a 20A outlet which I do not have so I am only running it off a 15A outlet and I am still sufficiently impressed. After I upgraded to my Dynaudio setup, the difference was even more overwhelming. This amp loafs along at any volume I can tolerate in my apartment and Dyns are not easy speakers to drive. Bottom line is I would certainly recommend this bad boy to anyone looking for a 5 channel amp who craves power!

This amp is a beast when you need to move it. Weighing over 100lbs, you'd better have some friends help you with it or risk a hernia like I risked. Build quality is superb. This amp does require quite a bit of space for ventilation. In comparison to the Acurus, this thing is like a volcano since the Acurus ran as cool as an iceberg. It's not like the ATI will melt anything, it is hot to touch after 3 hours of play from my experience. ATI offers a transferable 7 yr warranty on their amps so it shows that they believe in their product.

Associated gear
Newcastle AVP-9080R Pre/pro
Definitive Tech BP 10B bipolar floorstanders
Definitive Tech BP 2X bipolar surrounds
Mission 77C1 center channel
Dynaudio 122 floorstanders
Dynaudio 122C center
Dynaudio 50 rear surrounds

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