Review: Athena AS-1B Monitor

Category: Speakers

If you are into female vocal music, this is for you - it has a pretty sound that is not found on Athena's bigger speakers - 5 inch woofer does mid better than 6 or 8 inch.

It has a nice soft sound - the spring in the woofer is loaded softely. Some might think it too mushy on instruments like piano, but for female pop music, this is mesmerizing.

Mate it with a sub like sony sa-wm500 or a hsu, and the sound becomes full, and maintains that pretty mid - since the bass is separated from the mid, it gives clearer sound than found on a full range speaker.

I like the way a 3 piece system sounds - 2 settelites with a sub. The mid has a chance to shine by it-self. Many hifi magazines praised it as the best sounding sub $200 speaker in the world.

The tweeter is not transaparent as you can imagine at this price point, but you won't be bothered by it. Especially good for dancing or exercise purposes. With products like this, we can give satisfying systems to our kids for less than a 1k.

Associated gear
Panasonic xr45 surround receiver, LiteOn Lvd 2004, and a sony Sa-wm500 sub.

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