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I've used many well known and moderately priced speaker cables before, but none that matched the the performance of Ric Cummins' silver speaker cables from Argent Audio ( My hat's off to Ric for designing speaker cables that are musical, pure, neutral, and very revealing. All the attributes that I look for and expect in high quality cables.

The wonderful thing is these cables are moderately priced and it doesn't cost an "arm and a leg." The myth that silver cables are harsh is just that, a myth after hearing Ric's cables. These cables are very smooth and balanced. Many cables cannot handle dynamics properly, especially with voice. Well, with Ric's cables, voices are so natural and instruments are tonally correct.

I wanted to share my excitement and discovery with others. Ric's cables have been in my system for two weeks and replaced the Coincident TRS speaker cables. I did get the chance to try Ric's cables in another system (a good of mines) who is using the same Coincident TRS speaker cables as I. Ric's cables were more resolving and neutral and once again, prevailed over the Coincident TRS cables. My friend is using the BAT 75SE amp, 51SE pre-amp, and SAP speakers.

For the record, my musical taste is Jazz and these cd recordings were used for testing ......Jennifer Warnes (The Well), Jennifer Warnes (The Hunter), Benny Green (Testifying), Eva Cassidy (Live at Blues Alley), Count Basie (Jazz Party), Count Basie (Basie Big band), Janis Ian (Breaking Silence), Thad Jones, Jazz at the Pawnshop, Martin Deny (Primitiva and Forbidden Island), Paul Desmond, and Bill Evans.

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Electrocompaniet EMC-1 CDP with MAC Delta 1 Power Cord
David Berning ZH-270 Amplifier (volume control) with David Elrod EPS-2s Power Cord
Rosinante Dulcinea Speakers
Power Purifier Bybee Conditioner
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What is the price of these cables?
Correction: I am using the MAC Delta 1 power cord with my David Berning ZH-270 amp and the David Elrod EPS-2s with my EMC-1 CDP.
I was there for the audition(s) of these cables made by Ric Cummins and concur completely with the comments of the reviewer, Hawaiikid (my friend, obviously). Actually, I also tried a pair of the interconnects in my system between my CD player and preamp and was very captivated by the sound these interconnects enabled.

To emphasize one point, Ric's cables will dispel any notion you may have that silver cables are by nature "bright" or "hissy" (overly sibilant), or tonally "light weight". Silver cables done "right" - as these cables are, are, in my opinion, smoother and tonally better balanced than many highly priced and highly touted copper cables.

As for the price, you may have to contact Ric Cummins himself to be sure, but my understanding is that the speaker cables (pairs) will retail for something like $80/foot and the interconnects will retail for about $250 for the basic 2.5 foot cables plus $30/foot more for longer lengths. I'm also told that the design of these cables, both speaker and interconnect, is such that they cannot be cut and reterminated. I don't know whether or not that caveat is in fact true or is being given just as a deterrent to "cost cutters." I can say that given the superb performance of these cables, the prices I've quoted (if correct) would make these cables an excellent buy - almost a steal - so one shouldn't need to buy long and cut short.

I've tried more cables than Hawaiikid - some cheap, some expensive, a few (but only a very few) crazy expensive - and both the speaker cables and interconnects are among a select few of the best I have ever heard.
I too recently inserted Ric's speaker cables and IC into my system. These cables replaced the excellent Nordost Quattro Fil and Kimber 8TC. Granted, the 8TC is considered a middle of the road speaker cable, but I think most would agree that it provides good value for the money, and is used by many Agoners. The Quattro Fil is of course very highly regarded.

I was told to give the speaker cable at least 15 hrs break-in before making any judgements on it's performance. Fifteen seconds was all it took. Right out of the box it was apparent that they were clearly more articulate, tonally balanced and surprisingly sweeter than the 8TC. I say surprisingly because I've always heard that silver cables can have a tendency to be slightly bright. Not these. The sibilance I heard with the 8TC's, particularly on Patricia Barber's "Companion", where she must have had her lips right on the mic during this live recording, were noticeably less pronounced. Yet tiny little crowd noises that were picked up on the live recording were suddenly more apparent. Not so much as to make them distracting, but enough to let you know that these cables are letting all that's on the cd come through. Overall I would describe these speaker cables as neutral, transparent and tonally well balanced. No portion of the frequency spectrum is highlighted. This makes for very involving and non-fatiguing listening. I noticed that once I set the volume level, I didn't want or need to frequently adjust it. I believe that's because of the tonal balance.

The interconnect is even more amazing. Where the speaker cables pretty much get out of the way without adding any character of their own, the IC's seem to take everything to a higher level. Voices that were well rendered with the Quattro Fil take on a more immediate and engaging character with Ric Cummin's IC. They seem to provide a slightly more forward perspective than the QF, without overdone spotlighting. If you like sitting a few rows closer to the stage, depending on your present IC, this one can provide that. At least compared to the Quattro Fil. The soundstage took on more depth, with images now actually floating in front of the speakers as well as behind. I had never experienced this in my system before. I guess that's what they mean by holographic. I could hear instruments more clearly behind the vocal plane. Maybe that's what gives the impression of sitting a few rows closer to the stage. It's really providing added depth that just gives that illusion.

When the two cables are used together, it's pure synergy. All the benefits of articulation, resolution, harmonic richness and musicality, without any of the brightness, edginess or unnatural etching silver cables can sometimes bestow.

If you're in the market to replace your current cables, I strongly suggest you contact Ric Cummins. His website is Ric is extremely personable and obviously a gifted designer/manufacturer. He'll be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with what I consider some of the best values in cables today. I don't work for Ric. I just own and enjoy his products. After you've tried them, I bet you will too.
I wanted to post an update to my review. I tried Ric's speaker cables and interconnects in my friend's system (Maggies 3.6's speakers, BAT 51SE pre-amp, and BAT VK75SE amp). The results were quite amazing. Ric's cables fleshed-out the dynamics from these speakers. The Maggies played big (as they are meant to play) with much more dynamics and sound pressure. And again, there was no hardshness and the system had tonal balance.

Previously, my friend had used two (2) BAT VK75SE amps without achieving the same results as with one (1) BAT amp and Ric's cables. Without Ric's cables, his system was more laid back and less involving.

With more playing time, I've come to the conclusion that Ric's cables are very good and an absolute great buy. Especially, his interconnect cables are very lively and musical. I've tried Ric's interconnect cables in other hi-end systems and have heard similar results.

I am a happy consumer of Ric's cables and I'm very proud to give these cables a thumbs-up!
I ordered new speaker cables from Ric several month ago together with a set of interconnects. I installed the new speaker cables in my system first and right out of the box I heard a significant improvement over my previous loudspeaker cables, which are FAST AUDIO Compact 6M terminated with WBT copper spades. The Compact 6M are rated "best buy" in a German audio magazines and compare favorable to much more expensive cables.
My first impression was an increase in soundstage. The soundstage increased in a sense that the listener moved much closer to the artists and also images appeared more real. The images of instruments and singers are rendered with their realistic sizes in space and you could easily tell if a singer was sitting or standing on stage. Furthermore there is clear separation of instruments and voices and with the right CD's such as Eric Clapton's "unplugged" I had Eric sitting in my room singing the blues.

My previous interconnects are FADEL ART Aerolink, highly regarded in German audio magazines as a best buy (about $330) and classified as neutral. Ric's interconnects clearly proved that the FADEL ART Aerolink are rather warm sounding cables emphasizing the bottom frequencies, in a sense that they even overshadowed the midrange which results in a lack of transparency. Ric's interconnects in comparison were neutral and transparent with no emphasis to any frequency range but not rolled off at the bottom or top end of the frequency spectrum either.
Comparing the interconnects it made a big difference which speaker cable was involved. With Ric's speaker cable the differences between the interconnects were much more pronounced than with my old speaker cable. The Aerolink sounded definitely worse with Ric's speaker cable but also Ric's interconnects improved significantly in combination with his speaker cable. There is a clear synergy using Ric's cable throughout my system.

If you are looking for cables that are supposed to act as tone control to correct frequency issues of your system look some place else but if you are looking for cables that are true to the signal that are not warm or analytic but are transparent and musical and will give you goose bumps because of the realistic images they are able to throw in your listening room then look no further. Now, take the very modest price into account and these cables are a steal.

My system consists of Arcurus ACD11 CD transport, Perpetual Technology P-1A digital correction engine and P-3A (incl ModWright update) DAC and P3 Perpetual Power Plant, Acurus DIA 100 Mk2 amplifier and Martin Logan SL3 speakers. My analog front end is Acoustic Signature Final Tool turntable with Rega RB-300 tonearm, AT OC9 cartridge and Lehmann Black Cube phone pre-amp.
Often I have read threads and reviews about interconnect and speaker cables that are suppose to be amazingly good. I must admit that I have succumbed to buying some of these cables and have gotten very good results. I had been quite satisfied with my Nordost Quattro Fil interconnects and Coincident TRS Speaker cables until I discovered the new cables designed by Ric Cummins and marketed under the Rosinante trade name. Ric is also the designer of the Dark Matter shelf, Room Lens treatment devices, and the Rosinante Dulcinea speakers. Ric's website is

The Jaden Signature Interconnect and Speaker cables are absolutely wonderful and very synergistic together. The Jaden Signature IC has great tonal balance, is very detailed & dynamic, and has lots of clarity, finese, and musicality. The Jaden Signature speaker cable has great control, tonal balance, clarity, depth, and dynamic balance.

Many cables emphasize a frequency range, and ultimately are not tonally or dynamically balanced. The Jaden speaker cables have lots of resolution and ARE NOT frequency or tonally challenged. In my opinion, there is no cable in the market today at the price level of the Jaden cables that can equal the Jaden's performance. May I also clarify that I am purely a consumer and do not represent Ric Cummins in anyway as a dealer or distributor.

Many of my audio buddies have substituted their existing cables with the Jaden IC's or speaker cables. The Jaden cables have even replaced very high quality interconnect cables from Silver Audio (Appassionata), Tara Labs, and Nordost Valhalla and Quattro Fil. Most recently, these cables were used with the Maggies 1.6's and 3.6's with very good results (these cables enabled the music to play out of the box with good sound pressure and dynamics).

I personally have no doubt the Jaden cables are very good. The Jaden cables are not widely known or marketed because Ric Cummins doesn't have the deep pockets to mass market his cables. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the Jaden cables do not rival or surpass other acclaimed cable makers. I really am not sure how long Ric will continue to divert his time and energy to making these wonderful cables. That'll probably depend upon the future success of selling his cables and in today times, this is not an easy feat to accomplish without mass advertising.

I feel fortunate to be an owner/user of the Jaden Signature cables. These cables have taken my system to a new level that I thought would be extremely difficult to achieve.

I have been wanting to try these, but the spades are too small to fit my speakers' posts. You speculated that they cannot be reterminated. Is there some way I could verify this?

Or, how would one contact Ric to find out more?