Review and Guidance into playing with power cord, strips, receptacles, and conditioners.

System Mirus DAC > Don Sachs Preamp > Odyssey Khartago Mono > JBL 4319.

I’ve read a few places that for amps, they are best used directly into the wall. I’ve tried the amp on a generic strip and the wall, and couldn’t hear much of a difference. Once I plugged in an ifi power purifier on the strip the system performance went down, the highs were gone, but you got more bass and balance.

After this I prefer when amps are placed directly in wall.

Power cords – I went with the preamp’s power cord as it is a pretty sensitive piece of equipment. The stock power cord sounded great to me, then I went to try a Pangea AC-9 cable on it. The stock power cord gives it an old sound. The soundstage is hollow, forward, and lively, like sound was being amplified in a venue. The AC 9 took away the hollow sound and replaced it with a more balanced and neutral sound. At first I notice the difference but didn’t have any specific preference, but my wife likes the AC-9 better as she likes smoothness. I’ve grown to enjoy the smoothness and neutral presentation. I’ve since ordered an Ice Age cable that is recommended by the preamp maker, and will be replacing my amp and dac cables with them.

iFi power purifier – I placed these on the old generic strip that connected my whole system and it had a negative impact on the amps, I then placed it only where it impacted the DAC, and it gave it some more bass and tighten things up a bit, not a dramatic difference.

Power strip – Furman PST-8, had now my DAC, preamp, and two subs plugged into it. The first listen was it produced a cleaner sound, but at a significant cost to dynamics. If I had just the PST-8 I would not have gone with it. I then went on to plug one iFI power on the first outlet, and the dynamics came back, I plugged in a second one after the preamp, to further isolate digital and analog, the dynamics were even greater.

Summary, after a bunch of power mods. My system originally had a forward lively sound, which made you feel if an amplified performance that was occurring in front. The bass was lively and had a pleasant decay, voices had an amplified mic sound, and the highs where accurate but might cause fatigue if constantly played in that range. The after sound is something I didn’t know my system could do. The sound is completely technical, to what a recording studio would see. The sound is neutral, highs are present, vocals are precise, bass is super tight. The most interesting thing was hearing audience clap, usually it’s just a flood of sound, but after the power stuff, you can place where each cap is coming from, it sounded like you were there at the venue, and the clap are extremely close to you. The placement of all instruments, voices, and location is crystal clear.

I plan to look for another power conditioner the PST-8D or something better, I am looking at the furutech GTX-D(R) receptacle.

I do like the novelty of all the current mods in place, because it is a sound I didn’t think a system could do, should I trade rawness and bloom for technical perfection?

Thanks for sharing. I am currently plugged entirely into the wall. I was thinking of trying a PST-8D at some point as that seems like the cheapest conditioner with a couple isolated areas.
"........should I trade rawness and bloom for technical perfection?" Who says you have to choose? Keep all the cables and go with your mood, or the flavor you prefer, with the musical genre being served. Since your system is responding so well to those cable changes, try some better fuses next(don’t forget the Khartago rail fuses). Frankly; now that you know your ears/brain can hear/perceive, spend a bit more money on your cables(PCs, interconnects and speaker) and you’ll find the best of both presentations, is also possible(plus). Never stop experimenting/learning. Happy listening!
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Thought your posts were back to stay. Hopefully you are just kidding us.
This is a must if you love your Pangeas try a Mercury Magnetics on a preamp 14ga and a power amp 12ga. You might just be surprised! 🙃
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Now, zip strips, ect... aren’t really designed for Audio. They use transformers to filter the 120vac from your home outlet. Except it’s actually compressing it, so you actually loose sound quality. This what you were hearing when changing things around. The best purifiers/ ac conditions only remove the noise from the AC without disturbing it, Thus keeping all the sound quality left intact. Blacker blacks, more clarity, better detail. more air, bigger stage presents.
Sort of regretting getting here 42 hours too soon. 
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Erik thanks for the input, I still trying to get more time and A/B to see what I like, and I found the basic power cable you recommend to fall short when compared to AC-9. I do have an elite 15 unit coming it, and I would have at lease tried all the power gear you have recommended. 

gudebrodaudio  might be correct that what I might be hearing is compression at some level. Because I do have to turn the volume slightly up for the same dynamics. 

When it is straight from the a generic strip there is defiantly some harshness and glare, while being on all the conditioning there is some compression.

What is your plan if a lightning or power surge occurs?   
I live in socal, pretty much LA area, we don't have many or if all that. 
Once you've heard what the Equi=tech balanced power supply does for your sound nothing else will do . Yes , it's expensive , but they last forever and will improve your video as well .

I am a customer of theirs . this is not an advertisement .
After about a few days of listening to it, I think I need to move up stream. 

The furman 8, elite 15, and the ifi power purifier all makes my system sound compressed. With these entry level gear the gains always come at a cost. 

I've read good things about purepower 2000 and torus rm20 units. Might need to look into those.