Review: Amadi Maddie Signature Interconnect

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This review is on the following Amadi cable products;

Maddie Signature IC's
Phil Reference power cords
Maddie Signature speaker cable

My entire system is now wired with these Amadi cables. I started off auditioning one Phil Reference power cord and was taken back immediately at the sound improvement in my system. They replaced a BPT power cord and the music flowed with so much more detail, space and air. It was as if I removed a blanket from my speakers! Then, I ordered two more Phil Reference power cords and now my system was really sounding great.

The bass these cables help deliver is so tight and resolving. I hear bass articulation as never before in my system. Powerful, deep and so wonderfully articulate. This is the sweet spot we all work towards with bass and I can tell you these cables will help get you there.

What I like most however is how smooth and extended the mids and highs are. I cannot deal with even the slightest trace of hardness, glare or brightness. I simply cannot stand it! Well, these power cords are easily the most natural and resolving cords I have placed into my system. Voices are sweet and airy, stage nuances are revealed that were literally absent before. Music has the weight and body it should with a natural tone that is so inviting and at ease.

The builder shared with me these power cords are made from a combination of both silver and copper conductors.

Well, then I had to try the Amadi line of pure silver IC's and speaker cables. Philip calls this line his Maddie Signature. Let me say from the very start here that these are very special and outclass everything I have experienced in IC cables to date. To this point I had never been a huge fan of silver cables. Many sounded thin, whitewashed and lacked body. This had been my consistent experience with silver. I was a copper guy, solid core copper to be exact.

Well these Maddie Signature cables changed all that. No copper cable I have tried can match the resolution and clarity of the Maddie Signature. These silver cables helped my speakers disappear with music coming out of thin air, if you will. Voice and instruments emerge from a black, black background and fill the space with boxless, beautiful music. Ya, these sound beautiful and the music they reveal is arresting. Arresting in that you become transfixed to the music and simply can't pull yourself away.

Smooth and extended highs with the kind of grain free, glare free, noise free extension I thought was not possible. The mids are full and rich with a natural tone and timbre that invite and never ever attack. Yes, I find these Maddie Signature cables a revelation.

Next I auditioned the Maddie Signature speaker cables. Multiple 20 gauge pure silver conductors. My comments are exactly the same as the Maddie Signature IC's. Yes, I purchased them in a nano second folks. Oh my, my music is now so right, so beautiful, so wonderfully contenting.

What is astounding to me is the prices Philip sells these state of the art cables for. Make no mistake my fellow Agoners, these are world class cables that command respect and attention. I am thrilled with my total Amadi wired system. I have never in my 35 years of audiophiledom had one brand of cable throughout my system. With Amadi, I had no choice as they are that darn good.

For those who wonder what kind of music I listen to, here you go....

Jazz female vocal
Van Morrison is my favorite artist
Some classical
Piano and acoustic guitar

Associated gear
Thor TPA 30 tube amps
TRL Dude tube preamp
Lampizator L4/4 tubed dac
Coincident TV III speakers
Apple 2009 Mini w/Mojo Joule Power supply
Empirical Audio Offramp 4 w/turboclock, Hynes,BNC cable and Version 5 power supply and tranny.

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I did a search for these cables and couldn't find the web site can you kindly provide it. I am curious about these products and am researching the newer cables. I just bought a Triode Wire power cable, which I like because of the connector options.
Amadi cables can be reached through one of his Agon ads. He does not have a website as Philip is a one man deal and just makes great cables for a song! He really flies well under the radar. He is a very nice man and will get back very quickly.
Also, he offers a trial period and Philip will send you whatever you want to listen to. He is so easy to deal with. Have fun and listen!
Grannyring, Would you like to compare with a pair of Tempo Electric ICs?
I would very happily send them to you. These do not have the WBTs (to make it fair) You can also PM me
I would love to.....feel free to contact me.
I got one pr of the 'maddies'. They have enabled my system to sound more real. By that I mean more of everything AND in a more realistic way. Many times you get one or the other, more sound with some artifacts that you don't like that come along also. I can't tell any negatives that came along with the clearer window and a fuller natural presentation. Thanks Grannyring for the review. And Phil of Amadi is a very good guy to deal with.
Grannyring, Glad to hear you're enjoying your silver anniversary, so to speak. I'm enjoying mine as well since I've gone all silver with my cabling as well. What you're experiencing is similar to what I'm going through, though with a different brand (Darwin and Tempo Electric). And yes, one needn't spend a fortune to get this high quality of sound. In fact, most spend way too much and end up with no where near as rewarding a result.

All the best,
Nonoise, I did compare the Amadi Maddie Signature ic's to the Tempo and
found the Amadi had all the same resolution and smoothness of the
Tempo, but the Amadi has far better tone, body, weight, bass response and
natural presentation.
Grannyring, Considering that I have the Tempo Electric Speaker Cables and use the Darwin Silver ICs, have you compared the Amadi ICs to the Darwins ICs? I only ask this as what you describe you hear with the Amadi ICs is what I'd describe I hear with the Darwins. I haven't heard the Tempo ICs and have no urge to try them as the Darwins sound fantastic.

All the best,
I have not. All I know is these Amadi cables are the best I have heard regardless of price. All my wire is now Amadi....all of it! To good to be true, but it is! So unassuming and under the radar that one will quickly dismiss what I say. Very special.
Hi,I'm interested in the Amandi cables.How long to break them in,and how did they sound when first installed? What's a 1 of balanced xlr's sell for? Have you tried the Phil Ref,and Barb Masters in comparison?Currently trying the Signal Cable Silvers.They're quite good,and less costly than the Amadi's,but can't help but wonder how much better the Amadi's might be.Thanks for your reply.
Just email Phil thru the Agon system as he has several ads. The Maddie Signature cables are the silver and the best. He can quote you prices for what you want.
are you still using these cables? I notice that you recommend the Fusion Audio Romance in one of the threads. What caught my eye in your review is your disdain for any hardness in the sound, I can't stand it either. Along with the other attributes and lack of hardness has me curious about give the Maddies and I may give them a try.
Maddies are smooth, detailed, open and a steal for the money. I just sold my sets after enjoying them for some time. I went with ribbon cables from MG Audio Design. They are much, much more expensive and don't embarrass the Amadi cables at all. I consider the Amadi IC's and speaker cables the very best value in wire in high end audio.
I replaced my MG Audio Planus III copper speaker cables with the Amadi Maddie Signature and liked the sound even more plus the Amadis are much easier to live with--not fragile.
I just receive a pair of Maddie signature RCA and it's a very good surprise for my ears. They replace Zu Mission and LAT ic300 signature.
The Maddie is really by the first listening a step up.
The only way where the Maddie is step down is on the level of silence reached by Zu Mission. I'll let you know more after 20 hours of listening.
After 20 hours, the sound is sweet. Everything take the good place in the space. It's really a good and quick cable, easy to listen.
The only regret is the fact that the level of quiet achieved by Zu mission is exceptional and that Maddie is very far.
I continue my plays with a lot of fun because everything else is better with Maddie. It's beautiful and good work. Bravo
Are any of you using Solid State equipment with the Maggies? If so what equipment are you using?

Grannyring has a tube setup and I have this theory that solid silver interconnects sound better with Tubes than Solid State.

Someone told me that the Barb Masters have a slightly warmer sound to them which I think would be a better match with Solid State.


This this is reply to an old post but if anyone is long for information on Amadi cables this might be helpful. I am using Phil Reference between a tube preamp (Rogue RP-5) and a BAT VK-500 amp. I am also using silver speaker cable. I do not find the sound to be thin, cold, hard or any of the usual adjectives that seem to be attached to "silver". What I am hearing is much resolution, a wide and deep soundstage, and just an enchanting, engaging presentation of the music. I have used many cables, AudioQuest, Nordost, Kimber, Shunyata, WireWorld, Wywire and none of those gave me what I am getting with the Amadi cables. I am trying some Maddie Signatures soon but frankly, I could easily live with the Phil Reference and be happy (if any of us can really be happy with our systems for a long period)...