Review: Aliante Quadraspire Sunoko Vent T Stand

Category: Accessories

Disclaimer: I've no financial or business interests in this product or any other relationship of any kind with Quadraspire. Note: Aliante is added in error to the title.

I've run really good equipment for over 4 decades and thought I had a handle on most aspects of this crazy audiophile business. I recently have been trying to solve some out of control bass issues and did diagnose the usual suspects such as bad corners and rear ported speakers too close to the wall. Echo Busters calmed many of my woes. Then I inserted the Quadraspire Sunoko Vent T and voila!

The speed of the system coupled with the now controlled bass was nothing short of astonishing. Everything opened up in the midrange and highs. Dynamics were unleashed. It is ridiculous how much better everything is now.

I started inserting the usual favorite SACD hybrid discs and realized just how good they are. K2HDs: Shelby Lynn, Eagle "Hell Freezes Over", Solti's Beethoven Symphony No. 9 and others simply pop now.

I'm usually correct living in my world of cynicism regarding superfluous claims of products miraculously improving all aspects of a system. In this case I miscalculated badly it truly is a gift from the Gods.

Associated gear
Sugden A21SE CD player, Manley Jumbo Shrimp preamp, Manley Mahi Mahi monoblocks, Penaudio Cenya monitors, various Ridge Street, Analysis Plus, MAC cables and PCs.

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