Review: AKG K450 Speaker

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In this review I'd like to share with you one of the best portable on-ear headphones that are extreamly comfortable, tight sitting for exersizing, extreamly easy to drive and excellent sonic characteristics.

I purchased them at J&R store near City Hall of NYC last pair at more than 50% discount for brand new pair. Simply couldn't resist even having other similar portable headphones in my collection!

My first test started from connecting them directly to compact media devices such as iphone, ipad and computer headphone jack.
In all cases what immediately caught my attention is their sensitivity that is even higher than other headphones that are designed for compact media devices. It's an on-ear "Klipsch". I barely moved volume to the half on iphone, and only to "9 o'clock" on computer to get full and sufficient sound from them!

Secondly, during my office hours when I listen via headphones the most the iphone battery kept actually on longer time than it would drive its own built-in speaker!

In the two para-s above I realy wanted to emphisize its unique efficiency of pair of small cans, but here further I'd like to describe that the sound doesn't seem to be going from little cans rather it seems to be comming from the full size ear speakers. The depth of bass, voices and instruments, perfect 3d soundstage would defininitely outperform headphones such as Ultrasone iCans, Sennheiser EH350, Bits by Dr Dre. What also characterizes these cans is longest times of non-fatigue listening that could run upto 3...4 albums non-stop!

Top strengths are:

Easy to drive
Large soundstage
Deep Bass
Comfortable to wear(if not large head)
Foldable onto comfortable pouch that prevents them from being damaged

The only large weakness (I believe) that their size stretch is too small for large heads.

I would highly recommend these headphones for daily excersizes, office "leave me alone" hours, for you routine life shopping and other activities that you want to spend listening to tunes.

Associated gear
iPod touch, IBM-Lenovo T60

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