Review: Adcom GVD-850 Video

Category: Home Theater

I recently switched to watching movies in two channel because music is my main motivation. The 'rub' is having two seperate units; dvd and cd player, which makes my non-tech family crazy. Had the Musical Fidelity Electra and Music Hall cd25 both sounded great, but my goal was to have a DVD player that sounded at least as good, but for a realiatic price....enter the Adcom GVD-850....AWESOME! I now have one unit, familia bliss. It of course is amazing for movies, but it is also, just wonderful; pleasing; so listenable for stereo....just great. Better than the two stand alones I had. Its not even completely broken in yet. What a relief. VDery hard to find reviews of it though.

Associated gear
Primare Integrted amp
Green MOuntain Audio Europas
Been there...I used to do HT, then switched back to two-channel and find it's fine for movies and so much better for music. I even tried using three channels (left, center and right) but found the soundstage was better with just two.

I recently replaced my DVD, laserdisc, Rotel CD player and Phillips CD changer with a Pioneer universal player and find it's fine...not the equal of the Rotel, but it's better than having four boxes, four AC cables and four sets of interconnects. Plus, I've found sound quality has improved overall, probably due to less interference from all those cables intermingling. That alone makes the Pioneer's slight edginess easier to swallow.

I don't think I've seen more than one or two Adcom components reviewed by a major magazine in the past two years, maybe more. More people should post reviews of their Adcom gear...we hear way too little about this brand, which seems to have been eclipsed by NAD, Rotel and Parasound.
reviews are hard to come by, they don't even have much info on the Adcom web site....there is a review at that's pretty good. I'm sure more will follow.